Friday, June 8, 2007

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The Court

Yoko and s my sensei . My teacher. Usually teach their language in an international center.

She is a woman patient, friendly and usually quiet.

studied languages \u200b\u200bat the University of Sofia of Tokyo. Fluent in English and English. After graduating he came to learn French and spent one season in French Switzerland.

then married. At 41 years old and lives devoted to her husband and raising her three daughters, the eldest teenager.

Yoko spends her free time housewife teaching English to children in an academy and Japanese foreign in a local classroom. The first reports will pay, the second, which is a volunteer job, the satisfaction of helping the " gaijin" (foreigners) to integrate into Japanese society.

" Sensei", which is the word in question, mean teacher (a). It is often used, as in English, to designate not only one who studied pedagogy. Sensei can be a doctor, a carpenter or any other person who dominates a full their profession.

Yoko, however, I explained the deep meaning from the kanji that form, ie the Japanese ideographs borrowed from Chinese.

"Sen" said Yoko , means the first or earlier and "Sei " birth. Ie Sensei literally, is one that born before or first. The composition of both kanji holds that simple truth. Those born before or before we do is a repository of knowledge, of information to be transmitted and shared with those that precede it.

In its broadest sense can be argue that teacher is born first knowledge

Yoko, who is some years younger, was born however first knowledge to properly prepare and educate themselves to teach Japanese to foreigners like me.


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