Monday, May 11, 2009

Why Alabama Helmet # 13

German Film Archive - Museum for Film and TV Software para la producción

German film library - Museum for Film and Television is located in the heart of Berlin. Potsdamer Platz is the business district of the capital, and also in this area takes place every year the famous film festival Berlinale .
This film library consists of two permanent collections as well as other temporary.
The heart of the film exhibition is aimed at the Berlin actress Marlene Dietrich.

This shows we will travel through the history of German and international cinema. Beginning by the pioneering years, following the silent screen divas of the Weimar Republic (German Democratic Republic before the National-Socialist ) through the film under pressure from the Nazi regime and all the way into exile in Hollywood, years of postwar and contemporary cinema.

The other fixed collection covers the history of the boob tube, and the purpose of it is to create a live forum on the past and the future of German television in the center of this exhibition is completed Berlín.Con the inventory of the museum of moving images. Visitors are able to experience and relive great moments in television, and also to understand and discern the different evolution of television in eastern and western Germany.

Also at present we can find two temporary exhibitions.

"Wir waren so frei ... Momentaufnahme 1989/1990"

In 1989, members of the German Democratic Republic overthrew the government, which marked the beginning of mass protests against fraud in the German authorities addition to the massive flight to the German Federal Republic (Germany capitalist). A ra iz these events started the revolution in the country that took eleven months after the fall Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany truncated.
This exhibit provides pictures and films about the most important moment of German postwar history in which this year marks the 20 anniversary. Additionally
the events that occurred between 1989 and 1990 are plotted on a photographic archive online. In this part the different perspectives of those directly affected and spectators from the East and West are compared with those of the professional observers from Germany and abroad.

"Casting a Shadow. Alfred Hitchcock und seine Werkstatt "Alfred Hitchcock

presented themselves same com sole author of his films - as if they were the direct expression of their creative genius. In reality, however, Hitco hcock was a deeply collaborative artist, working intensely with actors, producers, cinematographers, writers, editors, and production designers and sound to create what the public knew as " a film by Alfred Hitchcock. " By
sketches, drawings, storyboards and documents, the exhibition explores the process of creating a movie.


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