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mother insults to President Chavez from OAS headquarters in Caracas

Alejandro Ruiz

In a telephone interview broadcast on radio station 93.5 FM Stereo Melody, from the headquarters of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Caracas, where Metropolitan Mayor Antonio Ledezma carried out a hunger strike to draw international attention, a prominent leader of the opposition party headed Ledezma has sprung, live and direct, mind of mother to President Hugo Chávez.

In Venezuela, the mother lying to someone is considered a serious offense and too vulgar. In any private setting is unacceptable and reason for heavy fighting, much more public through a mass medium like radio or television. Even a verbal assault of this magnitude, against any citizen, is grounds for penalties on the station or station that transmits and who utters.

In the radio program "The the Fourth and Fifth, interviews and political views, transmitted by Melody Stereo , Wednesday July 8, 2009, at 8:38 am, a known leader of Alianza Bravo Pueblo (ABP), identified as "La Negra" Rosaura Sanz, from within the OAS headquarters in Caracas expressed his support for Mayor Antonio Ledezma and telephone harshly criticized the government of President Chávez. From the station, the moderator, Eduardo Semtei, he asked, "instigator" of the "grave situation in the country", to which Rosa Sanz responded by blaming "That pussy of her mother who is ruling Venezuela ...."

Semtei changed the subject immediately and put the air to his co-moderator of the program, the opposition also Carlos Melo, who trying to downplay the issue and justify it, said: "At last Rosa said you put a Pythian. Those are things that happen in live broadcasts. " While the moderators continued talking Chavez of authoritarianism, the attacks from the government to the popular will and freedom of expression. And demanding that "the OAS needs to implement the Inter-American Democratic Charter in Venezuela, as well as diligently as he did in the case of Honduras. Here you are attacking democracy. "

What will the Secretary General of the OAS in this public insult a President of the Republic since its official delegation in Caracas? What will

Conatel, the organization that must implement the Law on Social Responsibility in Radio and Television?

What will the Attorney General of the Republic to such an insult, by which any citizen would engage and win a trial, without having to be President or public official?

How far tolerated the media following the coup of April 11, 2002, to blackmail that "Chávez threaten freedom of expression?

The most paradoxical case is that the group's radio stations Melody Stereo Circuit , as President-Director of the broadcaster opposition refined Enza Carbone Nery, emerged with the authorization legal to convey that the government gave them President Chavez himself. Such is the case with many other private stations, created and authorized in the last ten years. Melody

Stereo is a national radial circuit, with stations in four cities, whose slogan is "The Radio you deserve. " What irony!

On April 25, 2003, the president of the Venezuelan opposition party MAS, Felipe Mujica, the tournament began mother public insults to President Chávez in an interview on the private channel Televen in time not for adults. The program was driven by the furious opposition journalist and professor of social communication, Martha Colomina. Nothing happened. Not the slightest sanction to the channel or the respondent or the host of the program ( See Video of mint mother to "tyrant" Chavez ). Also

on the radio station 93.5 FM Stereo Melody, on Monday, November 12, 2007, a renowned comedian insinuated that Chavez had to kill with a gun. This was denounced in our article "The sacred image of the King against Chávez," published in the portal Rebellion, on 27-03-2008:

"And I say more. In contrast, the Venezuelan government, sensitive to the blackmail of the dictatorship, allows a radio comedian in Caracas Chávez hints at killing with a gun, and nothing happens. It happened on Monday November 12, 2007, at 12:55 pm, at the radio station 93.5 FM Stereo Melody . The driver of the daily program "An hour and some of the other," the comedian Rolando Salazar, excellent mimic of Hugo Chavez and other characters, he said, expressing his disagreement with the constitutional reform and the Venezuelan president, who had to "apply the lawyers call Article Magnum 357 ". And then humming, singing "and something good will come." No comment "(1).

All in the name of freedom of pressure. Notes -------------------------

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