Thursday, August 3, 2006

Tissue Implantation Bleeding

of the canvas to the top

Ohki K Kameda, the boy wonder of Japanese boxing amateur national champion at sixteen and professional boxer from seventeen, "he shouted to the four cardinal points that would be world champion before the age of 20.

the night of 2 August, only 19, achieved his dream. Venezuela beat Juan Jose Landaeta, flyweight champion of the WBA. A victory, however, obtained with poor arts.

Accustomed to win their opponents before the fifth assault, Kohki he met that night with his shoe horn. The Venezuelan was no breeze. It was a bone that could not crack. That night, Kohki fell from the top of his pride and kissed the mat after receiving a tremendous left-footed shot from Landaeta. At the end of fighting the Japanese boy ended with a broken brow, lip bleeding, swollen right cheek and with pride on the floor.

Landaeta, 27 years old, an ex officio boxer won the fight but lost cleaning under the table. The funereal silence that emanated from the stands of the Pacific Yokohama in Yokohama, was the background music from a defeat that all the suspects were under foreign judges appointed to rate this combat.

Three of the four judges were to win the courageous and brave Japanese guy. The three judges cheats should be enjoying a privileged stay in Japan: five-star hotels, tourist tours of Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Kamakura and spending the fees received from a sport that many shady deals linked to the underground organizations.

Otherwise it explains a fight like this where the winner ends up on canvas and loser in the glory.


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