Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ways To Tie Converse Double Upper Con

on beans (o)

In everywhere cooked beans.
on public transport there is a seating area.
icons of a pregnant woman, a man with crutches and an old man with a cane indicate who it is addressed.
But nobody pays any attention, or very few practice, here, that a civilized way of courtesy.
mass rises and are trampled in the aisles of trains gives a damn the elderly, pregnant women or plaster. The seat is a cow, an antelope hunt to be shoving.
Once there, taking the place does not deserve the mass feigns sleep, read the newspaper so as not to lose the privilege of comfort.
Suddenly, someone stopped and gave the seat to the poor woman who must go through her eighth month of pregnancy. Who gave the seat is another woman, her elderly with varicose veins of the ankles. His gesture bothers those who pretend to sleep or read the Mainichi Shimbun newspaper or a large volume of manga.
In To tell the truth, sometimes, I pretend to sleep.
Yeah, well, everywhere are baked beans.

(o) The appropriate apologies. Five months later I found the old agenda, 2006-the numbers and pass data to the new 2007 - the key to accessing this blog. Although it sounds to tell me too I believe. I think tattooing the key to not forget. Seeking the appropriate skin.


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