Monday, August 17, 2009

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Some 150 Colombian paramilitaries entered Venezuela supported by helicopters, denouncing the PCV

Popular News Agency .- An incursion into Venezuelan territory of 150 Colombian paramilitaries, supported by three helicopters, UH-60 Black Hawk Army of Colombia, took place this Saturday 15 Tarra August by the bridge in the border town "Jesus Maria Semprun" Zulia state, said Monday the deputy Oscar Figuera, general secretary of the Communist Party of Venezuela. In

Speaking exclusively to the state television channel VTV, Figuera reported that "one of three military helicopters handed over the border into Venezuela for about 10 minutes, while the other two remained on the edge" of the country.

At the present time the relations between the administrations of President Chavez and President Uribe are tight and in crisis for the operation of seven U.S. military bases in the territory of Colombia, considered a direct threat against the people of the South American region .

"Information of penetration in the country of extreme right-wing armed groups is highly reliable and verifiable. It is a provocation narco-paramilitary government of Uribe to be investigated seriously and should take appropriate actions and formulate appropriate diplomatic protests, "the national parliament.

IS NOT THE FIRST paramilitary incursion
The presence of Colombian paramilitary groups in Venezuela is not new. The most important development in the 10-year rule of President Chavez has been the apprehension and prosecution of some 180 paramilitary discovered on May 9, 2004 at Daktari ranch, near the city of Caracas, owned by Robert Alonso Castro Cuban . In turn

The Venezuelan president said they were "all Colombians, Venezuelans uniforms, military court, white armbands and the Venezuelan flag," and his goal was to threaten the life of Chavez himself and destabilize the constitutional order, creating confusion among the population and the Force Armada de Venezuela. In

border states of Tachira and Zulia, and the capital municipality of Sucre, Miranda state, all regions governed by officials of the Venezuelan right wing opposition, there are growing complaints about the actions and control of Colombian paramilitary groups, made, among others , by former Vice President José Vicente Rangel and journalist.


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