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That pleasure pathological anti-communism right

Alejandro Ruiz

do not need to be a communist to suffer the rigors of anticommunism. Look at what is happening to poor Colombian singer Juanes, the collateral victim of morbid phobia for wanting to sing in Cuba this September 20. Of course, the attack is not against the singer, is against the Cuban Revolution and the Communist leadership of the island

right people in the anti-life is an obsession, a reason, or rather, a fear life to lose their privileges.

In the world of the show anyone who does not sing the praises of capitalism or has the audacity to greet a proposal for social transformation is detested and vilified "by communist." In this case the right-wing circles to make concessions. In politics less. Anyone

leader or government that does not pay tribute to neo-liberalism or the illusion of "capitalism with a human face", has won a secure place in the looks of hatred from the anti-Communist right. Venezuela

If the government of President Chavez approved a revamped Education Act, and is qualified by the right wing opposition and the Law "Communist" Education, although the state will continue to ensure, not only the existence of private education, but public subsidy private education business, largely controlled by opposition sectors of the Catholic Church.

And if the international counter-cluster and their news agencies convened a "Global March Against Chávez, no lack of spice in their slogans anti Small announcement:" Chávez No more, No more Communism! ".

It's not surprising that the Chairman of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) type: "What we are now abundant accusations of communism that was launched against the Bolivarian government from the right, in order to blackmail and thus stimulate anti still latent in his bosom and the ruling party "(" On anticommunist "Tribuna Popular , 17/05/2009).

And how anti-communist opinions abound right in the Venezuelan media! Let's look at three of its finest examples of recent publication. AN ANTI

"journalism ethics"
The Latest News daily, published by the Cadena Capriles and largest circulation and government advertising in the country, sold as a means fair and balanced, not a single Communist in his opinion article. Although generously publishes anti furious and furious, as Professor university of "Ethics of Journalism", Gloria Cuenca.

automartirizada The repetitive and UCV professor seems to be paying a penance for having campaigned eternal ever-revolutionary ranks and enjoyed traveling to China-for many years.

"Disasters of communism." This is the evocative title of another article of the opinion of Gloria Cuenca, posted on 8/16/2009 at Latest News . There, as usual every two weeks, he reiterated his anti litany:

"Communism is and was a disaster. It is a nefarious scheme that hates freedom of speech, thought and conscience. Filled with resentment and hatred, with a display of love, false and hypocritical, we already know. "

Communism has not arrived yet, but just in case it is best avoided on time, whatever.

On August 16, 2009, the same day the article by Gloria Cuenca, a regional newspaper published a statement of another Venezuelan opposition figure openly calling the coup against the 'tyrant' Chavez. The strange thing is that the "authoritarian regime" in Venezuela against the instigator does nothing against the media or publishing it.

"Any medium is justified against communism of Chávez. " So called the Venezuelan newspaper El Tiempo (Cumana) the Emeterio Gómez interview, published on 16/08/2009. And it's true he said that ... and more. What

who Emeterio Gómez? An economist, who in 70-80 years moved through the Movement Toward Socialism party. Today, regular columnist for the newspaper El Universal and member of the aggressive neoliberal Cedice NGOs funded by the U.S. agency USAID.

And what did the right anti Emeterio Gómez in the revealing interview? See a single paragraph:

"... any anything to strengthen democracy or communism, which prevent the case of Honduras-justify a coup. In other words, the end justifies the means when the purpose is noble. Where it is not justified. Any means used to confront the totalitarian communist Hugo Chavez is perfectly justified. "

Finally, with such statements, the journalist Igor Molina asks, "You have been described in many ways. How do you feel when you call a fascist? ". And he answers Emeterio Gómez, "- Absolutely nothing."

I say more. The 'fear and persecution' reporting reiterates its called a fascist in his opinion column 08/16/2009 published the same in the national newspaper El Universal . And keep writing, as usual.

For the avoidance of doubt, in his article "Fear of change, I", Emeterio Gómez highlights "the best" of the interview as to ensure proper and wider dissemination of their words. Writes, in dialogue form:

"- ... nothing justifies the absurd and unworkable communism of Chávez, Fidel Castro, Ortega, Correa and Evo Morales."

"But then, Gomez," I have asked the journalist interviewer all the crimes of Bush, torture and rape in Iraq massive human rights are justified on the pretext of the war on terrorism. "

"- not a pretext, Interviewer, is the war on terrorism!" Emeterio Gómez writes the same response.

then justify the dictatorship of Pinochet and the coup against President Allende because "Allende, far from being a Democrat, was a pioneer in that using democracy to impose communism, ie a model of society radically unfeasible inspired by the doctrines of Karl Marx idiots. "

"One last question, Gomez. Why are you so afraid of change? "I asked the interviewer.

"- I fear change? Do not make me laugh. To which I am afraid, as I said it is socialism .... "

A bourgeoisie fears nothing and his cronies of the petty bourgeoisie, but socialism.

WRITE A HIT Recurrent
Just a few days, on 05-09-2009, José Curiel published its most recent opinion piece in the newspaper El Universal . You know how I graduated? "Communism!". What a name. But do not get carried away with the title of a Marxist-Leninist, it is Jose Curiel Jose Curiel. Write

this member fee Zionist congregation in Venezuela and former public works minister and former governor of Falcon state governments for AD-copeyanos the Pact of Punto Fijo, the following:

In Venezuela "... it is to forcibly impose a Marxist project, a communist project has failed worldwide and has brought only misery and enslavement of peoples. As they do send surveys are aware that the Venezuelan people is profoundly democratic .... "

However, in the sample of those surveyed Democrats figure José Curiel, who ends his article by calling for overthrow-again-the government of Chávez, "by communist"

"They want to impose a Communist regime, which we will reject all means."

And when Jose Curiel says "by all means", is by all means. Experience has. This character is as a Democrat and this regime as "totalitarian," but so that, having been one of the protagonists Curiel civilian coup that overthrew President Chávez in April 2002, is free, plotting and writing their opinions in the mass media private media, calling for freedom and democracy they shamelessly curtailed during the brief dictatorship of Pedro Carmona.

This man is nothing more and nothing less the same as general secretary of the rightist party Copei clerical and "representing the political parties of Venezuela signed the infamous record of self-proclamation of the dictator Carmona, whose fascist regime ignored the Constitution, dissolved the National Assembly, the Supreme Court and all public authorities, MPs and murderer jailed Venezuelans dead. And only 47 hours in the power of government!

In the field of those who struggle to build socialism it is worth reflecting on these views of spokespersons for the right wing opposition to the Bolivarian Revolution, to not repeat or left blackmail and then attack the communists. Anti-communism is a natural disease of the right, the sad and shameful is to see where some people spread that claims of neo-socialist left, or century.


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