Sunday, December 13, 2009

How To Fix Disney Bracelet

polerón Desiciones Polerón

On Thursday December 10 took several decisions on the course polerón, which report later but first remember that the background image and color of the hat (not exactly what it is but I copied a couple of image) are:

poleron The design proposal was:
Faced with this option is said
- in the cloud instead of a staff will be a key or musical note.
- will not strip the rainbow that appeared in the original image
- the girl's hair longer
- the image must be more metall (cloud, balls and girls)
- colored balls of the main cap.

pockets are straight "II" with a line polerón color to highlight (like the Rosvita polerón).
cuff waistband and bottom of the polerón without color or design other than the base color of polerón.

logo to front of polerón said there would be a cassette that had been proposed, instead you use the name of the school, "Carmela Carvajal de Prat top, 4 ° H with simple letter to the environment, and the unadorned name down (like the Rosvita). Is to decide which colors go.

arm was placed in the symbol of the bicentennial:
About this be instead of saying "Bicentennial Chile 2010" will say "Generation Bicentennial"

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