Friday, November 20, 2009

How To Hide Tongue Piercings

A revolution misspelled

Alejandro Ruiz

The Venezuelan opposition illustrated that for 40 years controlled the absolute power to govern because she knew he could write well, not like those "bands of lumpen-government (...) and military bandalaje now governs us, unable to learn and respect the language that identifies us. " So we 'reported' with nostalgia an editorial in El Nacional . But sometimes happens that even the most vile slanderer is drowned in his own hatred.

The bourgeoisie and its parties ruled Venezuela assimilated so well that left a million and half illiterate for the Chavez government's literacy and will provide free access to the university to another both excluded.

If something does not forgive the bourgeoisie and 'cultured people' to Hugo Chavez and his humble followers, in addition to the political, economic, social and cultural trying to build, is that people 'inferior' to their status and refined Glamour now Oil govern this country without seeking permission. And more seriously, as these great men of the opposition, is the suffering of being governed by ordinary beings who make mistakes in spelling, grammar that do not grow, do not care about syntax or calligraphy Palmer. In short, true 'hordes of the dictatorship' that torture civil society with such human rights violation of his superior intellect.

The array of opinion in the private media is to dilute the historical reality of class struggle and present the current confrontation as a struggle between civilization and barbarism revolutionary between neoliberal modernity and backwardness of socialism. The idea is to try to assert that the ruling bourgeoisie is intelligence and that the insurgent people is ignorance. The newspaper El Nacional is a sample of this systematic campaign. E n

editorial on 12/09/2009 (p. 8N), entitled "missed opportunity", the distinguished ladies and gentlemen of The National mock a once painted slogans on the walls of the Central Bank of Venezuela a group of supporters of President Chávez. Giggle furiously with a member of the Venezuelan Academy of Language note:

The pints were written by "... the bands of lumpen-government (...) Most of these attacks were adorned misspelled very own military bandalaje now governs us, unable to learn and respect the language that identifies us. "

also assure us the guardians of the paradigms that written phrase El Nacional, nor the parliamentarians of the National Assembly can write and therefore does not make laws as good as before. At least not as they had drafted the law firms and multinationals such as constitutional scholars who drafted the decree Carmona dictatorship in April 2002.

One of those columnists, in an article titled "Oppressive Pedagogy ( IN , 26.9.2009, p. 9N), writes deputies to the National Assembly (the vast majority Chavez) pass laws "... without even noticing the spelling or the grammar ..." is Cuban, because "... his few life skills ...." Sure, add, they have the skills of parliamentarians before, like Sanchez Bueno, Octavio Lepage, Paulina Gamus, Hilarion Cardozo and Luis Enrique Oberto. The newspaper

El Nacional to readers are highly educated, and also write articles on "Functional illiteracy" to refer to President Chavez and his cabinet ( IN , 09.18.2009, p. 8C) . Because "... if reading comprehension and knowledge speak, then we must say that the country is led by an illiterate sect ineffective." VENEZUELAN LOCADEMIA

turns out that Miguel Henrique Otero, current owner of El Nacional, is such a concern for the good talk and good writing that among the managers of their right-wing movement has an individual 2D Number of the Venezuelan Academy of Language. It also has in his newspaper and M2D members of other academies, so know that the 'Chavez' and the Chavez government intended to make a revolution with the participation of "bands lumpen ruling (...) unable to learn and respect the language that identifies us. "

Nothing comparable to the wisdom of those who ruled in illo tempore. They rule because they knew could write well.

So how do you doubt what is written El Nacional? People as educated and enlightened as we said in an editorial entitled "War on Freedom" (18-09-2009, p. 8N), that freedom of expression is "... subject of the most obsessive attacks by the Government Bolivarian .... " That is, people can hardly reactionary opposition expressed in this country and only 75% cornering mass media distribution in print, audiovisual and radio.

But, continues the editorial, the problem is more serious because it is "a ghost that runs through South America." And worse!, It is a ghost interventionist. Yes, written with s, and because I have no doubt whether it is published in El Nacional . I therefore invite the President Chavez, Chavez's supporters and all supporters of the Bolivarian Revolution to read the final paragraph of this editorial to "learn and respect the language that identifies us, as it should be:

" Argentina has set the pace Venezuela. The bill approved places in the hands of the executive authority interventionist to be used in a punitive manner. "

You know, that does not happen to a "lumpen official" writing on walls: "Out Yankees interventional bases in South America."

Nor is it happening to any member of the "Cult of illiterate ineffective," that now governs, "without even noticing the spelling errors", writing: "The government increased the price of gasoline." We must learn from the truths journalistic and academic teaching El Nacional, that the March 16, 2009 headlined on its front page and four columns: "The government does not rule out increasing gas pressures, with a brand new s.

That happens to these operators of the bourgeoisie and imperialism to disparage the people. With so much hatred and arrogance write the guts take the place of the neurons.


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