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disagree "Aporrea No Censorship"

By way of reply to the article by Alejandro Ruiz: is true, Aporrea not censorship, but some items are a lot of work " . It is published as it was sent, under the responsibility of the author

Angel Felix Lara

First, the greeting cordial and respectful in disagreement. That which you say does not censor Aporrea is imprecise, if not false.

not begin to clarify that I consider that my articles are magnas literary pieces that has to be published. But I can cite the example TVes, where on two occasions I have been censured for failing to congratulate Aporrea Lil Rodriguez and another man who runs it, that "neither I do not know", for the wonderful and outstanding management seat in that that channel is considered the slight improvement in recent weeks.

As you may recall, a man named Trapiello made a series of a-cu-sa-cio-tions, but no charges generic complaints with hairs and signals. I need hardly point out that the penalty for publicly defaming can be jail. So far, part uneventful.

to these accusations, the only thing that Ms. Rodriguez and his combo is able to oppose the tired argument that Trapiello is a "counter revolutionary." That answer to me says a lot, and how.

What me sick to my liver is not that my article was published , but in Aporrea references have been published only sympathize with Ms. Rodriguez, as if he had taken Trapiello virginity, as if would have attacked the open, this process of defilement to which she contributed decisively to oppose such a poor response to such large claims. That

called national public transport system has not only automatically sympathize with Ms. Rodriguez and his successor, as it was in the Fourth Republic.

For example, she herself admitted in a television interview that lives in Guarenas and how it is far (21 km), she moved to a hotel in Caracas. That cost us the grace Venezuelans bargain Bs 180 million (180,000 Bs F.). I wonder what common people think Guarenas working in Caracas (where the undersigned lived 12 years) about this gross privilege of Ms. Rodriguez, incompatible with the ideals socialist, as they are early and late at night pretty much just sleep in their homes.

Now is your portal to them and there is published them what he wants, every man for himself and God in everyone.

Annex I censored the last article and I sent a letter to a comrade Aporrea, if you consider appropriate to elaborate on the arguments that I attend to oppose and disagree with their ideas (1).

Regards, Angel Felix Lara
cooperativas.arrechas @ gmail.com

1 .- The reference articles are: "The problem is not GlobovisiĆ³n us" and "Response Diego Silva Silva. " -------------------

Note Venezuela Cantaclaro : consider inappropriate and unjustified and sexist sexist connotations mentioned in paragraph fifth of writing.

Another reply to the article by Alejandro Ruiz:

Response Alejandro Ruiz and inquisition of Aporrea

is published as it was sent, under the responsibility of the author
IƱaki De
Tejada Eguskitza

Sorry sir, but in a public place as Aporrea, there can be an editorial policy that excludes those who have objections.

not discussed socialism, socialism is only one line and although there should be a single thought, if you must have opinions within the socialist doctrine. An important qualification of the socialist line, is self-criticism and rectification.

Not long ago, I sent my letters and opinion articles, almost weekly, Aporrea, until Franco infiltrated Aporrea did you call this editorial, so it can not publish something they do not pass, fascism that is the best kind.

Did you know that you can be revolutionary and a fascist? Hitler made a revolution just as Mussolini and fascism brought to Europe.

censorship to the opinion of others, is the first step to fascism and totalitarianism, fascism means.

not fool yourself, what is in Aporrea is censorship and nothing else.

If you put a public bulletin board for people to post your opinion, you have no right to decide what is published and is not, and Aporrea is a public bulletin board.

If Aporrea is not a public place, the owners should note where you stand.

worst that can happen to a socialist revolution is the establishment of lines of thought or dogmas of faith, because then even if would be a socialist revolution.

This article does not send him to accept censure Aporrea because of my writing or inquisitions.

Try to be critical to correct or we will be jointly responsible for the loss of this revolution.


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