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Communists warn Chavez and the PSUV: Frustration would defeat the Revolution

a dangerous and growing "disconnect between the revolutionary and progressive guidance of President Chavez, and specific anti-labor practices, anti-popular, bureaucratic, inefficient and corrupt public management that serves the emergence and consolidation of a new bourgeoisie, "the PCV

Alejandro Ruiz

militants and leaders of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) have taken seriously the idea of \u200b\u200bbuilding socialism. The here and now posed by President Hugo Chávez is present in the proceedings of this party which proclaimed Marxist-Leninist and Bolivarian, and that unlike the crowded United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) is a numerically modest.

Venezuelan Communists seem to be one of the few who need not be permanent giving demonstrations of faith and commitment revolutionary at the time of alert and make criticisms about the direction of the Bolivarian Revolution. Accompanying Chavez since his first election as president in December 1998 and account for nearly 80 years of struggle for socialism, using all forms of struggle, their successes and mistakes.

recently, on 6 and 7 June, the PCV had a meeting with all leaders regional and national critics worrying that debated on the clockwise and anticlockwise in key aspects of building socialism in Venezuela. In a document called "Consolidating the Revolution and open roads to Socialism" , published in the newspaper Tribuna Popular , on 09-06-2009, communists warn the President Chávez and the leadership of PSUV on the possibility of the outbreak and popular frustration to derail the revolution, if not checked, rectified and re-launch in time theorizing and political practice and government at the present stage of transition to socialism.

criticize many public managers "... are not committed to the goal of building socialism and favor their interests over the interests of workers and the people."

note with great harshness that "... the reformism and opportunism prevailing in the conduct of the Venezuelan process, weakens our revolution (...) and creates frustration levels in our working class and our revolutionary people. It then produces a growing disconnect between the revolutionary and progressive guidance of President Chavez, and specific anti-labor practices, anti-popular, bureaucratic, inefficient and corrupt management serving the public emergence and consolidation of a new middle class, rising appropriating much of the Venezuelan oil revenues. "

"On the growing labor unrest in our country (...) is to build alternatives and solutions to the workers, not against them (...) The revolutionary process has to ensure full respect for the right to voluntary organization and workers .... "

To overcome these deviations and address the potential hazards that would fail the Venezuelan revolution, the PCV suggests that it is indispensable "... Strengthen the central role of the working class and people in general, building people's power that will create the People's Revolutionary Democratic State which may lead to the consolidation of national liberation and the transition to socialism. That is, the progressive establishment of a mode of production based on social ownership of the means of production (property of all people), with the leading role of the workers in the management of production processes and in society as a whole, which will be settled accordingly all the relations of production based on exploitation 'of man by man' and where social divisions are overcome and the hierarchical structure of work. "

point out that it is necessary to separate "... strengthening the central role of the working class and people independently in relation to sectors of economic power of the state bureaucracy and petty."

Communists believe that the nationalization of strategic economic activities "... is an important advance." However, "... the single nationalization does not make a socialist enterprise, if it does not constitute socialist relations of production, this situation applies to all enterprises and production units owned by this reason, the workers of all institutions and public enterprises, private and mixed, to be organized in Socialist Council of Workers and advance their comprehensive training , to exercise collective leadership role with the national government Bolivarian such production processes and services. "

Another criticism voiced by the PCV is the lack of coordination and cooperation among the revolutionary political forces beyond electoral events: "... insist the need for the revolutionary process itself with a collective leadership and unity for more effective and coherent the immense task of defending, consolidating and deepening the revolution. " Directly

propose "... restoring the functioning of the Patriotic Alliance, a true unified policy management space, where the treatment is of real allies, not subordinates or relatives, other treatment that do not support."

Finally, invited "... to the reflection from the PSUV national leadership, as well as managers and senior managers of state enterprises and public administration bodies, to cease firing pressures and threats against and revolutionaries who decide not to join the PSUV. "

addition, the document of the Communist Party of Venezuela warns that "... Any action to coerce, directly, with threats and conditions, or indirectly, with patronage practices, integrate into a political organization, leads to disqualification ethics and politics of this movement, losing perspective and revolutionary legitimacy to the masses. "

"The fundamental task of this historical moment is to build a powerful labor movement and popular with a strong sense of class, to deepen the revolutionary process, strengthen the national liberation and open roads to the construction of socialism ", concluded the plenary session of PCV.

social movements also harsh critic
As if it were a coincidence, not only criticized the PCV and calls to discuss the errors and failures. In the communal councils, neighborhoods, in workplaces, in the villages, in schools, in the areas of Social Missions, in popular movements and in the ranks of the PSUV are more voices calling for sincerely discuss and contribute to the construction of socialism. Lest

perish revolutionary enthusiasm, not to shut down what some call the revolutionary mystique, is vital and self-criticism.

A group of grassroots and community organizations and individuals revolutionary, most related or PSUV, also held a meeting last March, which criticized and debated proposals to address the course and deepen the path of socialism.

The document entitled "Open Letter to President Chavez and the Country" (Alternative Newspaper Process, No. 41, March 2009), expresses the anguish of those who work within the village but not heard by senior leaders of the revolution with political and government. There

expressed, without subtlety, you can lose the hope of building socialism for a defeat in the 2012 presidential elections, in addition to the ongoing coup plot of the bourgeoisie:

"After the defeat [of the Reformation Constitution] of 2007, we focus inevitably to reflection and rectification for relaunching. Today we affirm that this process has been totally inadequate and are in danger of losing what winning is, losing the 2012 elections or even worse, losing the possibility of building socialism in the land of Bolivar, with possible implications for Our America. "

"It would be easy and comfortable to be attached only to the responsibility of media manipulation, but the inefficiency, corruption, cronyism and disregard for social values \u200b\u200bof many of the Mayors and Governors and other officials / public power as , brought many of them / as your hand, have a high weight not only paying his leadership, but also the organizations of popular power. "

point out that corruption, inefficiency, patronage and bureaucracy to the people demoralized and demobilized.

"... Many of our people are demoralized by impunity and that demobilization (...) The patronage threatens any possibility of emancipation of our people, not only imperialism. And this scourge, we thought only of AD-COPEI origin, has mutated and has become a virus which even has gotten into the veins of many organizations for this revolution ... postpartum. "

face of all these evils "... urged to rectify in this regard (...) This is a political threat, maybe a time bomb," they warned.

However, they acknowledge that "... We can not ask all the effort of President Chavez" and its undisputed leader.

"Often, it seems only you [President Chávez] who made attempts to power a institutional transformation efforts that often collide with the reality of bureaucracy, corruption and diversion of policies designed to the highest level, while, for its part, the other branches appear to remain in a housing and equal challenges outside of the Bolivarian Revolution. "

Lead by example
intellectual Renowned Venezuelan Luis Britto García, in his Sunday column "Stop Suffering" ( Latest News, 14-06-2009, p. 36), also calls for revolutionary ethics and the future of the Bolivarian Revolution:

"Lead by example. There will be only socialism when nepotism, influence peddling, illicit enrichment, promoting bingos, casinos and gambling are punished and not rewarded, "says the author of 59 books and countless essays, whom no one can reproached the convenient epithet or opportunistic counter to dispatch their criticism. CRITICISM

response to these concerns collective and individual, it is very important that President Chavez has also emphasized the critical issue of in his latest column "Chavez Lines", published on Sunday 14/06/2009 at several newspapers, so that the disqualification of a priori need not stifle debate. And the debate without formalities and justifications accomplices possible to review, modify and re-launch in time for that are not likely to strengthen popular frustration.

studies bourgeois opposition knows, power and takes advantage of the weaknesses and errors that arise in the revolutionary process. A front-page headline in one of its periodic evidence that bet on popular frustration: "Opposition must be added to the discontent Chavez ( Voice , 14/06/2009). So no excuses for the leaders and people who aspire to build socialism can also trigger the mechanisms and spaces to unravel and defeat.

crucial in these circumstances, it is appropriate to highlight some of the writings of President Chavez, as a shield to stimulate that discussion and self-criticism, even among the wary:

"Hence the central importance of collective critical exercise and permanent: the critic has no substitutes and can not be delegated.

"Criticism ensures that socialism requires fluency in the course of its realization: if criticism were displaced by the dogma, it will inevitably stagnate.

"Socialism, we know, can not be decreed, must be built and created collectively. Is the critical and creative construction and liberating the people, which gives life to a new society. "

"... Welcome, then, all the spaces for critical discussion about our socialist experience."


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