Friday, October 23, 2009

How Install Tile Around A Tub

Priest confesses: In the opposition, "some want to get rid of Chavez by any means"

Alejandro Ruiz

The rector of the Private Catholic University Andrés Bello (UCAB), Father Luis Ugalde, who a month before the coup of April 2002 blessed the covenant of entrepreneurs, media owners, political and military opposition that overthrew President Hugo Chavez has revealed a newspaper article that the opposition "Some want to leave him [Chavez] by any means, without doing the work necessary democratic." Ugalde

recognized this reality in his column published on Thursday 22 October 2009 in the newspaper El Nacional (p. 9Nación). The article entitled "Dead" confirms that, in the words of an asset and notorious anti-Chavez, who did some sectors of the opposition prepared to liquidate the President Chavez issue have tried to trivialize and ridicule the private media and spokesmen for the counter-revolution in Venezuela and abroad.

The rector of the UCAB should know more than he has publicly confessed, given their experience with the conspirators recognized that along with the dictator Pedro Carmona soon hatched and succeeded-for 47 hours, the overthrow of Chávez in 2002.

An information note from the unsuspicious BBC agency, dated March 6, 2002 and entitled " Venezuela: Chavez post-plan, review the outstanding participation and influence of Luis Ugalde in preparations for the fascist coup of April 11, 2002:

"The business and trade union opposition in Venezuela, with the support of the Catholic Church, presented on Tuesday [03/05/2002] the basis for a transitional government plan to run after what they see impending ouster of President Hugo Chávez .(...) The priest Luis Ugalde, president of Catholic University, was commissioned to express' the happiness "of the leadership of the Catholic Church for the document called 'Guidelines for a Democratic Agreement', which is estimated to join political parties and other sectors of the opposition."

this background it is worth asking the rector Ugalde details on who those who "want to get rid of Chavez by any means."


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