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Tribuna Popular vanguard of the revolutionary press

Alejandro Ruiz When in the early 90's the Soviet Union collapses and neoliberal capitalism is the winner and made government all the countries of Europe called the Socialist Camp, a wave of despair is rife among the people who fight and lots of revolutionary leaders deny all and many others are resigned to survive in the "production" of neoliberal and anti-Venezuela. Some even changed their names and moral, not wanting to know "that anything else."

In this bleak atmosphere and in the worst political and economic conditions, a modest newspaper, founded decades, Venezuela takes on the forefront of the ideological debate and reappears with a defiant slogan printed under his name: "Socialism is still the hope of the people!".

The worst time to proclaim socialism as a possibility, Tribuna Popular , the Venezuelan Communist newspaper, founded on February 17, 1948, a vanguard of resistance men and women dared to say: No, is not the end of the story, not the end of ideologies. Despite the hegemony of imperialism, despite the fall of different known reference to capitalism, despite the many who left in such circumstances, although the communist parties and revolutionary were evicted, despite all that bleak scenario in 1991 dared to say with pride and faith in the future: "Socialism is still the hope of the people!".

If someone, objectively, wants to study and learn an important part of the contemporary history of Venezuela, beyond the texts and the major newspapers of the ruling classes, review copies of Tribuna Popular published during his 62 years of hazardous existence. Find interesting things and testimonies of struggle for Socialism, worthy of recognition. Because

not always in Venezuela, as now, the word socialism has been so easy to pronounce and write. There were times have a copy or just a piece of Tribuna Popular could cost the prison, torture and even death. That was the freedom of the press in the governments of Punto Fijo.

Since the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) founded his own media, Tribuna Popular (TP) has been reporting and opining, always at the forefront of the revolutionary press. Not infrequently with heroic efforts to publish. In Venezuela, TP is the only newspaper maintained and edited by a political party.

These little more than six decades of revolutionary journalism, TP has suffered the same fate of their leaders, sometimes in legality, others in hiding, but has never ceased to be in the street.

The No. 1 People Tribune, published on February 17, 1948, was printed as a slogan: "Bread, Housing, land and National Liberation." The nascent communist newspaper was placed at the forefront of the struggle against U.S. imperialism. Preparing the PCV oil strike against transnational TP burst in 1950 and was the spokesman of the working class in combat, during the military dictatorship of Perez Jimenez.

From that first issue published 62 years ago in black and white, under the direction of Gustavo Machado, a change has occurred today major publication and newspaper content. Now, in addition to biweekly printed in full color, Popular Tribune has a daily digital edition http://www.tribuna-popular.org/ portal, with a design that has greatly improved in recent months , is perceived actions of the creativity of youth and maturity of its leading cadres. The recent change in presentation and digital sections of TP are really good and easy to access. They even have a connection Twititer: @ tribuna_tp.

In the digital version of TP can see news, opinion, reports, pictures and videos, documentaries, books and courses in Marxism and critical analysis of national and international reality.

In the new stage in Venezuela, development of the Bolivarian Revolution led by President Hugo Chavez, in order to move toward socialism, from Popular Tribune also published and defend the revolutionary gains, while it made criticism of the failures, weaknesses and vices, with the intention of motivating overcome.

The most recent editorial Tribuna Popular (print edition No. 173, 04-02-2010) is a sample of this debate:

"We are concluding 11 years of the current stage of revolution Venezuelan (..) At this time a significant number of positive aspects to highlight, and the PCV has done at every opportunity and various retrospectives (...) but it should not only be done, we must also analyze and discuss critically failures that have dragged the deficiencies that have arisen and the vices that exist in public administration and at different levels of political, social or popular. "

"No help an uncritical complacency revolutionary process, the comment without content, the mechanical copying of statements, the wording accommodative and anticipation of a speech to please the boss ...."

And that is another virtue of the revolutionary vanguard half as Tribuna Popular, under which, by the way-not very abundant, timely criticism, loyal and sincere to the revolutionary process to move firmly toward socialism.


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