Thursday, February 25, 2010

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From the daily El Nacional call for "urgent end to this regime," Chavez

Alejandro Ruiz

An article published today in the journal El Nacional, published in Venezuela, calls to find "the most efficient and least traumatic way to put an end to this regime in the shortest possible time ", referring to government President Hugo Chávez. And it ensures that "the true nature of the problem is not elections."

owners El Nacional and other private media constantly complain about the lack of freedom of expression in the country, but regularly reported news and opinions that incite to disregard and overthrow the Chavez government in openly or veiled.

to justify urgent action against the Venezuelan leader alleged that "... there is no democracy in Venezuela. We are all on probation, (...) is legitimate to speak of an ideological totalitarian autocracy toward Cuban-style socialism that guides. To fight is necessary to successfully clear the true nature of the problem. Definitely not voting, "the opinion piece released on Wednesday 24/02/2010, page 7 of El Nacional.

The article is under the signature of the far-right leader and former governor of Zulia, Oswaldo Alvarez Paz, who does not conceal its links with the Department of State and extremist sectors that operate from Miami against the Bolivarian Revolution.

The message ends with a provocative appeal, which seems more aimed at foreign followers of the opposition in Venezuela: "There is not much time, but it is still possible to achieve Venezuela calls for urgent change ... If we do what we must do! ".


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