Saturday, February 20, 2010

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Spain Inquiry encourages press assassination of Chávez

Kill Chavez "won" with 37% in consultation is published together with an interview with the president of the Colegio de Periodistas de Venezuela, William Echeverría

Popular News Agency .- A survey by means of digital media in Spain asks his readers whether "Hugo Chavez will fall : coup, assassination, democratic elections and death or old natural ", which kill the Venezuelan president" wins "with 37% as the main option to dislodge the government.

The consultation is carried out since 16 February, the news portal Digital Journalist, and is published exclusively along with an interview of President of the National College of Journalists of Venezuela and presenter of Channel Globovisión , William Echeverría.

In the morning on Saturday 20 February, the survey, which is a clear incitement to overthrow President Chavez by all forms, yielded the following results: 37% assassination, democratic elections 23%, 20% coup, natural death from old and 18%.

Spain itself in private or public consultation of this nature on King Juan Carlos, the prime minister or a foreign leader to maintain diplomatic relations with that country is considered a felony.

For its part, the note linked to the survey indicated that Echeverría traveled to Lima, Peru, to explain 'how' XXI Century Socialism 'is destroying democracy in their country. "

addition, the president of the Venezuelan journalists' guild, an organization controlled by officers assigned to the opposition, calling the Chavez government of "neototalitario", which attacks "against the rule of law and the Constitution, but based on laws. Democracy and dictatorship is at the same time. "


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