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ODONTOSPA DENTAL CIBAO: An experience never before experienced with the Dentist.


Spa, the Walloon medieval Spain, water source, is a term that identified health facilities offering balneotherapy, consisting of relaxation therapies and treatment, using as base thermal water main.

is generally accepted that the origin of the name comes from a town located in the Walloon province of Liege in Belgium, because in this romantic valley amid the hills, was famous Spadanea Aquae, a Roman bath, named the words · spargere ¨ that was related to scatter, sprinkle and wet. The Roman baths were public places, with gymnastic and recreational activities, for bathrooms typical of Latin civilization.

In the sixteenth century, was born in Bath on SPAW English, a general of potable water stations and places of leisure and health, with swimming pool, which generalizes the eponym Spa all places with a natural water source to which medicinal properties are attributed.

English, the word spreads to other languages \u200b\u200band their use in English is very recent.

has been asserted, in a commercial context, the word spa is an acronym for the Latin phrase Salus per aquam like ¨ ¨, ¨ Salutem per aquam, "or Sanitas per aquam ¨ which means health through water, but this is unlikely, because the derivation does not appear before SXXI. Today

called thermo spa or sites that have medicinal properties and Spa mineral water using the common hot tub, and massages muscles to achieve a body state of calm.

Sometimes Spa offer alternative therapies such as aroma-therapy (a method of harmonization and support to mitigate certain conditions by color) and aromatherapy (a branch of herbal medicine that uses essential oils to try to improve the physical and emotional health through inhalation aromas from the concentrated oils).

When performing leisure activities are generated by chemical production without negative effects stimulate the brain creating favorable situations which help eliminate the discomfort and reduce pain sensations. These substances Endorphins are proteins that inhibit the thalamus and modify the release of neurotransmitters and hormones, which at the emotional level translates into feelings of comfort and joy, changing the sad or depressed vision in how people interact with the world.

is accepted that the appearance of a color, tint, saturation, clarity and context in the space has a specific expression in human psychology, creating unconscious reactions depending on the ethnic and cultural group. Some are considered stimulants, joyful and even exhilarating and others like delicate, quiet and sedatives.

flavorings, perfumes or odors are pleasant experiences reminiscent that have been stored in our minds through smell, can positively influence our mood.

Massage welfare causes great shock and nerve endings that transmit the touch of hands on the skin to the brain triggering the secretion of hormones of happiness. "

soft, melodic music causes a significant release of endorphins, achieving a reduction in heart rate and breathing as well as an important muscle relaxation.

Laughter has a marked influence on brain chemistry, so it is the best source of endorphins, enkephalins especially.

Contact with nature has filled with energy and good humor, breathing a healthy atmosphere.

in this century have emerged OdontoSpa in Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Peru, the vast majority tend to be the coexistence of a dental care service to a gym or a room aesthetics attached. A OdontoSpa, is the sum of a high quality dental service scientific technique that incorporates elements proven effective in achieving relaxation sufficient to successfully face the fear of patients to dental care to which they associate with excruciating pain.

In the Dominican Republic, in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros, was inaugurated on Thursday, March 4, 2010 the first OdontoSpa of that country: The Cibao Dental Clinic and Spa, Implantology, Periodontology and Oral Surgery, which is the Reference Center Dental Cibao Chain with modern and specialized branches in Moca, San Francisco de Macoris and La Vega.

OdontoSpa For Dental Cibao is a unit in which they combine and combine superb facilities, dental technology, excellent humane custom, professional quality, biosecurity, and an atmosphere of peace and tranquility for patients to reach maximum allowing welfare to fold the stress relaxation before dental treatment.

The real novelty lies in the meaning of the concept, how to approach and present treatments, sensory awakening to the maximum possible comfort for patients, including a session on a massage chair.

Lighting, viewing and listening of falling water, soft music make a positive environment full of natural elements that stimulate the senses and promote relaxation and confidence by every patient, while that contribute to balance and harmony, decreasing anxiety, fear and even pain usually associated with dental practice.

All this in order to achieve a relaxed prelude to pre-treatment consultation and even enjoyable.

Network for Dental Services Cibao, the essential elements of a OdontoSpa are

  • Architecture chromatic harmonica creates a peace and tranquility which facilitates relaxation,
  • Extensive lighting and use
    indirect lighting,

  • eye contact from the clinic with the green of nature through its large windows,

  • Double waterfall in the front, which can be viewed and heard from within dental offices,

  • melodic background music,

  • Using friendly aromas that do not cause complications or side effects,

  • courteous and respecting human dignity

  • massage chair first time patients and

  • A smile that lights up the face of all health team members

A unique concept in the Dominican Republic that is worth trying both population Dominican resident in the country or abroad, as well as nationals from other countries who choose our approach to Health and Tourism.

Come smile with us BIOPLAZA in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic:


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