Saturday, March 20, 2010

Home Remedy For Milia


Little girls, first things first, Coté called yesterday the lady to know what happened to the polerones, the matter said on Wednesday it had info on whether he would have for the coming Friday or not, but already it until the end of the month. Cote and I believe that on Wednesday instead of calling should be a group of peers and parents to leave the matter settled with a fixed delivery commitment (ie, psychological pressure.) It is the only information, on Monday we see what we do.

take this instance to remind them ff. payments: $
  • for Peyuhue room, UNTIL MARCH 26 ----> pay the Clau.
  • $ 1,200 pesos for the photo UNTIL MARCH 24 ----> pay Fey =).
  • 100 pesos for the raffle THROUGH TUESDAY pay ----> Any (Ana Claudia).
No more news

firing me.

Enjoy the weekend!


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