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Blondor Versus Redken Up To Seven

political and legal Spanish judge against Chavez

Alejandro Ruiz

Who believe this time: the great English right-wing press, the journalist Patricia Poleo of Venezuela fugitive or his superior, Chief of Southern Command United States?

Why is a test "irrefutable" the testimony of former guerrillas suspected deserters and non-anonymous confession a former commander of the FARC defector who has name and public face, and is protected by the Uribe government? And a question

easier for English Judge Eloy Velasco: What is the email address of Raúl Reyes?

The trial of the case called FARC-ETA-Chávez is apparently a formal judicial process, but its essence is political. And from this March 24, 2010, date of first hearing against the only defendant who currently lives in Spain, the debate and the arguments and must prove it.

The case called FARC-ETA-Chávez has two groups of judges acting in concert against the Venezuelan government and revolutionary forces: a political-media tribunal and a court, closely linked. So the record of English judge against the government of President Chavez is a double fraud: it is a political fraud and is a legal fraud. And we must help to demonstrate, on public opinion and the courts.

Many questions and answers and explanations are needed. Let's start a few.

Actually this is a lynching attempt instigated and planned by the international right. The intention is to neutralize, paralyze, the resurgent revolutionary power everywhere. And the big goal in focus is the head of Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez.

The libretto of a trial against Chavez was hatched in meetings in Bogotá, Madrid, Washington and Caracas. There are involved the Government of Colombia with President Uribe and former Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos at the helm, the Popular Party of Spain and the FAES Foundation, led by former president José María Aznar and seconded by Mariano Rajoy, Esperanza Aguirre, Javier Zarzalejos, Jorge Moragas and Guillermo Hirschfeld, and the International Republican Institute (IRI), an agency of the U.S. agency NED, led by Senator John McCain. He is accompanied in

the actors and counter cross-sharing organizations (dollars, intrigue and action) and the International Freedom Foundation, a consortium of organizations right-wing "civil" based in Spain and the USA and branches in several Latin American countries, which leads the writer Mario Vargas Llosa, the Liberal Network for Latin America (RELIAL), a front controlled by the CIA, and the Atlas Foundation, the U.S..

props are also involved in parties, politicians, journalists and media owners furious Venezuelan opposition to Chavez, such as those gathered on May 28, 2009 in Caracas distance or received new instructions the plan against the President of Venezuela, and even the manager of a Venezuelan bank credit is involved in support operations.

The best proof that Velasco file is part of an international counter-revolutionary process, and we spoke of view, is that a fugitive from Venezuelan justice accused along with former police bankers and experts in explosives terrorist plot to assassinate Attorney National Danilo Anderson, said from his lair in Miami that "The file on the ETA-FARC relationships supported by English Judge Eloy Velasco is supported by irrefutable evidence."

So solemnly certified by paramilitary journalist Patricia Poleo in his column "Power Factor", published in the newspaper El Nuevo País (Caracas, 09.03.2010, p. 3), fulfilling the role assigned to these cases. With such a view of such a character, any sensible judge should be concerned-let-the result of his performance. Already

March 8, 2010, the newspaper funded by the State Department circulated in Caracas under the direction of the family Poleo, El Nuevo País ( ENP), displayed on the front page: "The trial will" . With the top title: "Despite the joint statement" of the governments of Spain and Venezuela.

add that in Spain the director of the conservative daily ABC pro monarchist already ruled that "justice will reach cruising speed." For its part, Mariano Rajoy, president of the rightist Popular Party, also ruled that what is on the record "is not hypothesis" (ENP , 08.03.2010, p. 3).

seems that the political and international right-wing media knows more than the judge himself Velasco and the Judiciary of Spain on the development and details of the trial is announced.

addition, former English President Jose Maria Aznar is playing hard, as did the fateful 11-M in 2004 as ruler. And through the FAES Foundation sent a report that talks irresponsibly "... the legitimate concerns with the English of all forms of terrorism, conducted or sponsored by Chavez can white them" (Europa Press , 10/03/2010).
the same line of attack, the president of the Partido Popular, Mariano Rajoy, traveled last March 18 at Bogotá "... to meet with President of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe, ( ...) to exchange views on the English-Colombian relations and maintaining their respective training "policies, reports English agency EFE , on 18-03-2010.

The news EFE notes that "There is no analysis of the situation created after the judge of the English Audiencia Nacional Eloy Velasco aimed at a possible collaboration of the Government of Venezuela with ETA and the Revolutionary Armed Forces Colombia (FARC). "

The truth is that Rajoy met in Bogota last week, and not just with President Uribe. Also with the current defense minister of Colombia, Gabriel Silva, and former defense minister and candidate, Juan Manuel Santos. As in the past have done Rajoy y Aznar, in recent two years, since the Judge Eloy Velasco Nunez was destined to prepare his famous dossier No. 263/08.

If, as is public knowledge, Judge Velasco Nunez is linked to the rightwing Popular Party of Aznar and Rajoy, what will the results of their actions in court?

2. THE PARAGRAPH against Chavez
The judge of the Audiencia Nacional of Spain, Eloy Velasco Nunez, the Indictment 75/09 (PD 263/08), dated on 24-02-2010 and disseminated in the mass media March 1, 2010, says on page 24 while interpreting a presumption that "... proceedings held in this procedure show the Venezuelan government cooperation in the unlawful collaboration between the FARC and ETA .... " This reckless statement is repeated in the "Dispositif" and final 26-page dossier.

Certainly, the record is not an indictment against President Chávez, but with these two lines embedded (seeded, police say a mob) between the 26-page summary of Judge Velasco is sufficient to implicate and blame the Venezuelan President "cooperate with terrorism" and create a diplomatic crisis between Spain and Venezuela.

These two lines are the contribution of international right to file 75/09 (PD 263/08), the rest is a complement, but not least from the standpoint of political and legal.

Velasco English judge acts in the style of the judges of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR), attached to the OAS, before a trial conspired to "include a paragraph justifying" condemned the Venezuelan government.

This is a file from the right ad libitum International: Say you want the sentence I prepare the file for the tests and everything.

judge begins dusting Velasco old police reports and statements for the years 1985, 1988, 1993, 1996, etc., on cases prosecuted as crimes of ETA, developed by the English authorities, several in collaboration with the French authorities.

talk about the same English police authorities in coordination with the French police recently reported on all TV news and the Internet a video of "five terrorists of ETA band shopping in a supermarket in France," publicly accused of killing French police, which later proved to be five firefighters who were vacationing Catalans in the town of Seine et Marne ( Pú , 03/20/2010 ).

yet the firefighters and their families are going through the shock and trauma of the interrogation of the police error petit. And if they were not firefighters?

Returning to the subject of testing, we observed that the record of Judge Velasco is based and builds on two refrains that are repeated on most pages of the so-called "Fundamentals of Fact" emails from the computer of Raul Reyes (p. 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 20) and the testimony of five former guerrillas demobilized anonymous, known only by pseudonyms (p. 16, 20, 21, 22 and 23).

But the most moving is that the two major tests (the computer and e-mails from anonymous witnesses) are courtesy of the Ministry of Defense of Colombia, as certified by the judge himself Velasco. That is, he and the judge failed to direct steps to obtain and authenticate the evidence.

Here are some excerpts from the indictment, which says much about the origin and legality of evidence:

"The indictment is based on" Copy of the documents seized in the computer [computer] member of the FARC, LUIS Edgar Devia Silva, @ RAUL REYES, after confronting Colombia's Air Force took place on March 1, 2008 against a terrorist group camp Colombia was installed on the border with Ecuador ... "(read well:" clash "on the border with Ecuador." It will discuss later.)

- "Among the documents examined displayed multiple e-mail between leaders of the FARC ..." (p. 11). In total, 7 pages of records submitted into evidence 21 "emails" from the computer of Raul Reyes, obtained "... after the clash of the Air Force of Colombia ...."

- is "... from the Colombian authorities (...) the procurement process and content of computer seizures of e-mail indicated occupied Raúl Reyes "(p. 15 and 16).

"The other key piece of evidence is the testimony of five demobilized, known only by the pseudonyms" Carlos "," Camilo "," Patxo "," Ruben "and" Caesar "with no identity that appeared on the record" fruit collaboration with the Colombian Defense Ministry .... " These witnesses, "Velasco said the judge, are" former FARC guerrillas (...) and witness statements which provide new information about the relations between the guerrillas and the terrorist group ETA. "

"The statements of former guerrillas desmovilizados anónimos, que son “fruto de la colaboración con el Ministerio de Defensa Colombiano…”, se obtuvieron de “Notas de prensa y video televisivo aportando testimonio de guerrilleros FARC sobre su conocimiento de las relaciones con ETA…” (p. 16, 20, 22 y 23). Es decir, el juez Velasco ni les tomó declaración ni los conoce, pero admite como cierto el testimonio de tales frutos.

En contraposición al dictamen del juez Velasco y desmintiendo -sin proponérselo- todas sus “pruebas”, surgió en escena un testimonio imprevisto. ¡Y no cualquier testimonio!, si consideramos quién, what, where and how he said.

"The head of U.S. Southern Command, Gen. Douglas Fraser, said he had no evidence of links between Venezuela and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Basque separatist organization ETA. (...) The Fraser statements came during a hearing in the U.S. Senate, "reports the opposition newspaper in Caracas Chavez El Universal, on March 12, 2010 . Internationally

the news was released by the English agency also EF E, dated 11.03.2010.

The importance of the maximum response of the military commander of U.S. operations South America, and his high office, is that the delivered under oath in a Senate committee when asked by John McCain, the Republican candidate defeated in the presidential election Barack Obama-on if you have evidence to the judge's statements the Audiencia Nacional linking ETA Hugo Chavez and the FARC.

obviously is not the same, "Southern Command has no evidence of relationship between Chavez and FARC-ETA, a headline announcing that" Southern Command confirmed relationship between Chavez and FARC-ETA. "

For now, it seems that someone was not convinced with the script, and Senator John McCain got the wrong answer for the plan of the international right. Because one thing to talk to the press and quite another to testify under oath in a congressional committee, in the prosecution or court.

The trial is just beginning and for some time has been uncovering the fraud case of the English judge against Chavez.


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