Monday, August 9, 2010

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U.S. military agreement with Vatican cardinals and their courts or to divine justice

Alejandro Ruiz

current trials in Europe and the United States confirms that companies are no longer satisfied with docility to the "Supreme Divine Justice."

In the very Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Italy, where is located the artificial privileged and the Vatican, the archbishop of Naples, Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe , has been accused by the prosecution of aggravated corruption in real estate along with a government minister Berlusconi ( El Pais, Spain, 06/20/2010).

Italian cardinal add that this is not just a "shepherd of souls." Vatican has diplomatic passport and until 2006 ran the entire real estate of the Holy See, which reported about $ 70 million annual rent. Cardinal Sepe said in their masses to be a martyr and that "after the ordeal, will be a resurrection." But the prosecution said that the way to resurrection pocketed more than $ 3 million illegally.

Another relevant case is that of the Cardinal Primate of Belgium, Godfried Danneels, subject to judicial process to conceal crimes of pedophilia and sexual abuse of children by some Catholic priests of his congregation. His house was raided and seized his laptop, with compromising information.

For this research, despite the protest of Pope Benedict XVI , on 24 June the Belgian courts also ordered a requisition in the Episcopal Palace in the region of Mechelen, run by Cardinal Danneels. There police found documents inquiries in connection with the case of Marc Dutroux pederast, who 2004 was sentenced to life imprisonment for kidnapping, rape and murder of several girls "events that shocked the country (EFE Agency published in DNA , Spain, 07/06/2010).

Meanwhile, Prime Minister of Belgium, the Christian Democrat Yves Leteme defended the judicial inquiry and said "abusers 'should be condemned by the Belgian law,' and that the investigations are evidence that the separation able to operate in the country "(El PaĆ­s , Spain, 25/06/2010). Also mention

, and to close this brief syllabus of Cardinals at the end April 2010 a U.S. Federal Court upheld a complaint against the Vatican and the pope himself Benedict XVI, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, accused of covering up sexual abuse by a priest against deaf children in a Catholic school in Wisconsin (AP Agency, 22 -04 to 2010).

And last but not least, the June 28, 2010 the U.S. Supreme Court refused to grant immunity to the authorities and Vatican officials, including the Pope, the appeal court ruled the Holy See for what may be subjected to court for sexual abuse by priests in the North American country (VTV , 28/06/2010).

These are signs that neither the Vatican or the hierarchy can or should be above justice of sovereign states.


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