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Where To Dump My Boat Waste




Nació en el Siglo I, de una familia judía, en la ciudad griega de Tarso de Cilicia (actual Turquía), In his youth leads a dissipated life, as a Roman citizen was an active persecutor of Christians.

Road to Damascus had a vision and he converted to Christianity.

Considered by many Christians as the most important disciple of Jesus, between 58 and 63 spends four years in prison, first in Palestine and later in Rome, where he wrote his letters from captivity to the Philippians, Colossians, and Ephesians.

dies in Rome AD 67, is now revered by the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church and Protestantism, as St. Paul the Apostle and Martyr.


Salvador Diaz Miron

born in the Port of Veracruz on December 14, 1853, Moody and extremely violent, a lover of guns and hunting, an admirer of duels to wash the honor, twenty-five years in a duel in Orizaba, suffered a collarbone injury, which fractured her left arm crippled. In May 1883 he went to prison for killing a shopkeeper, but was acquitted by claiming self-defense.

In 1892, in an outburst of violence and then arguing about political issues, challenges to a duel and kills a man, a day before the general elections in Veracruz, action, confess that it their friends, which would regret the rest of his life. He was arrested and detained for trial. Remains imprisoned more than four years. The prison is surrounded by books, is devoted to reading and dosed his poetic creation. Return to Xalapa, where he spent one of their most peaceful and fruitful.

Back in 1900 the House of Representatives, is again a Member of Congress, is present as a precursor of the modern poet, wrote several poems.

His remains were buried in the Rotunda of Illustrious Men in Mexico City, succeeding after a strenuous road, where the work succeeds on the lifestyle of the poet, who was a member Mexican Academy.

French military
born in Mulhouse, Alsace in 1859, with the rank of captain was intended for staff, when a council of war convicted him of treason, for which he was expelled from the army and sent to prison on Devil's Island in French Guiana, but Dreyfus was innocent, never admitted the allegations that were made.

When they discovered the real culprit was not released by "reason of state" until the writer Emile Zola published in the newspaper L'Aurore an open letter entitled "J'accuse" getting a pardon from the president, proving her innocence a decade after being imprisoned, being reintegrated into the Army with all its honors.

source: cardboardgods.files

U.S. Major League Pitcher, a native of Mansfield, Louisiana, signed his first professional contract with the Oakland Athletics, the lefty had a fastball of nearly 100 miles per hour, winning the coveted Cy Young Award and recognition as the most valuable player in the league in 1971 (the youngest to have this distinction in the twentieth century).

In 1978 he was transferred to the San Francisco Giants. Fight over his career against his addiction to drugs and in 1983 pleaded guilty to cocaine possession and so with four other members of his new team, Kansas, went to prison, suffering a suspension of one year.

Finished his career as an athlete has led an exemplary life in the Bay of San Francisco, devoting his time to charitable causes and the promotion of the king of sports.


Former American boxer born in 1966 in Brooklyn, was expelled from school and studied in a juvenile detention center, maintaining contact with the law for numerous robberies and assaults. At age 13, had been arrested 38 times.

was then the youngest boxer in history to get a world title heavyweight.

In 1991 he was jailed for four years to fight again in 1995, regaining the world title. Claimed around 300 million dollars during his career.


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