Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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Venezuela Colombia's Constitutional Court declared null

Popular News Agency .- An information report of the Colombian radio station W Radio said the meet a Constitutional Court ruling the country which "declare unconstitutional the military cooperation agreement between the U.S. and Colombia, considering that should have first passed through the Congress before being approved."

The Court declared unconstitutional the relevant standard, he added, but left alive for a period of time, ie, it will give Congress a year to decide whether to approve the agreement.

The ruling by the highest court noted that the agreement allowed the U.S. government the installation of seven military bases in Colombia "is not an extension of military treaties between the two countries", and therefore must be approved by parliament.

Last week, the Constitutional Court president, Judge Mauricio Gonzalez, said the deliberations had begun and would issue a decision before August 17.
The lawsuit asked the Court to declare unconstitutional the military agreement was filed by the NGO Colectivo de Abogados "José Alvear Restrepo." The speech of Judge Ivan Palacios, to study and present the case, said that signing the agreement in October 2009, "did not meet legal requirements and, because it is a convention different from other previous was passed by Congress for its approval of Colombia. "
These findings are consistent with the opinion issued by the State Council of Colombia, the Uribe government delivered before the signing of the military agreement.


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