Thursday, September 9, 2010

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And if we vote for the Communists? Colombian jail

Alejandro Ruiz

For the first time in its nearly 80 year history, the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) figures prominently in the electoral cards: up and left, right next to the United Socialist Party majority Venezuela (PSUV). The place once reserved for the bourgeois parties AD, Copei and reformist MAS, is now up to the forces of the Bolivarian Revolution, and that's no small thing in the political-electoral battle.

Thanks to the perfect alliance between socialists and communists for the upcoming elections on September 26, all candidates of the PSUV are those of PCV in nominal list and vote in all states the country. Voting for the PSUV cards PCV or vote for the candidates themselves.

So why vote for the Communists? Is not it the same?

is the same electorally speaking, but every vote for the PCV would have a different quality in the battle to deepen the revolution to combat the counterrevolution and the reformist tendencies.

Personally, one reason would be enough to vote for the Communists, the leaders of the PCV are willing to suffer the same fate of its members and the common people, and they assume their way of life. Sometimes even the sacrifice of dying for their cause.

But also there are other reasons. Every vote for the Communists of PCV would be a recognition of his career and consequence, since its founding in 1931, in the struggle for socialism, a commander loyal to Chavez since he supported his presidential candidacy in February 1998.

While some who said they were uncritically loyal to President Chavez have betrayed and deserted the ranks of the opposition and imperialism, the leaders and members of PCV have remained consistent in these 11 years of revolutionary government. Whenever the flag with the Red Rooster has been present, without charge or bureaucratic privileges required to support him.

Each card vote is a vote PCV against rogue yesterday and against the traitors of today with his theories of "democratic socialism" can-style, and "productive socialism," the lost PPT, which thrived as the government allied parties and everything seemed fine and perfect, but now matched with the right most ancient in its intemperate attacks on Chavez and the Revolution.

Every vote for the Communists is also a vote for honest and constructive criticism revolutionary failures and errors in the development of governance.

addition, each vote for the PCV is a vote to encourage outstanding revolutionary laws that help transform social relations of production and to build the hegemony of the socialist system on the current capitalist reality, as the Law of the Social Councils of Workers, to exercise control of the working class in the existing public and private companies.

is vote for those who have strongly promoted in the National Assembly and in the street the approval of a New Labor Law, which establishes general and absolute job security, reduction of the working day, retroactive to the calculation of social benefits ; increase of the resting pre-and postnatal.

vote for the Communists is a vote for his proposal of nationalization and socialization of the entire banking and financial system of the country, with mechanisms for participation of workers in management control. And so to root rot financial scam their clients, victims and profits from oil revenues. Because

vote for the Communists is to strengthen the international movement that has been most engaged and fought in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution in all countries. While so-called socialist parties in several continents and the Socialist International to unite the right to attack Chávez and his government, the Communists argue with fervor in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa and Oceania.

And because each vote for the PCV will be like a stone in the teeth of the anti-communist campaign and counter the Cardinal and the Vatican official Urosa unpatriotic. It will be like a stone in the teeth of liars Globovisi├│n channel, the daily El Nacional and other private media.

Every vote for the Communists will be a missile to the liver of imperialism and its lackeys. And if many votes, he would take a good little scare the bourgeoisie. Minimum.


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