Saturday, September 4, 2010

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Photo is published on the front page as "unworthy jail"

Alejandro Ruiz

the opposition newspaper El Nuevo País , edited family in Caracas Poleo, on Friday ran a front page 09.03.2010 immense picture of an alleged Venezuelan prison, where there is a cell where seven prisoners survived-perhaps more-in gruesome inhuman overcrowding. The photo is really moving, dramatic.

in a box, a headline in red letters identify the photo: "Prisons unworthy." A brief text of the proposed notice as valuable complements picture: "What is happening in Venezuela's prisons is not an invention of imperialism, (...) The graph corresponds to Uribana [prison located in Barquisimeto] and shows the conditions under which survive these prisoners, while the government launched programs 'reintegration of prisoners into society', with no visible results. "

Every prison is terrible. And in Venezuelan prisons there are still serious problems inherited, characteristic of the underworld. However, the photograph published by The New Country not applicable, as they say to their readers, Uribana Venezuelan jail. It's actually a photo of the National Prison Bellavista, located near Medellin, Colombia, not Venezuela. The brick wall seen at the bottom of the graph are characteristic of that Colombian prison.

The alleged exclusive photo has been published since About three years ago by several websites, in articles related to the problem of prisons in Colombia.

Al SiteSearch Google the words "prison in Colombia" and press view images, second screen appears the same photo published by the newspaper El Nuevo País . The image is linked to the Web portal Forum English Armed Forces. It states that the photograph is the National Prison Bellavista, Colombia. You can read the following, which leaves no doubt:

"The levels of overcrowding: Colombia's prisons than by far its capacity. In a crowded that early in the decade of 1990 was approximately 14% passage overcrowding of over 35% on average in the country's prisons. But, this national average is far from the situation in the prisons of the big cities. By way of example, the National Prison Bellavista is 6,300 inmates, when its capacity is 1,800, ie there is 250% overcrowded. This, plus the physical deterioration of facilities, is an attempt on the life, health, privacy and security of detainees. "

Colombian prison in Bellavista dozens of guerrilla prisoners in appalling conditions, junto con miles de delincuentes comunes y delincuentes paramilitares. La prensa de Colombia de vez en cuando publica titulares como estos: “Familiares de internos de la cárcel Bellavista protestan por condiciones indignas en el penal” ( El Tiempo , 27-02-2010); “Reclusos de la Cárcel Bellavista protagonizaron motín” ( RCN Radio , 24-02-2010).

La reciente “información” de El Nuevo País es otra muestra de que en su afán por atacar y desestabilizar al gobierno del Presidente Chávez, los medios privados mienten, manipulan y engañan de una manera ciertamente indigna. Ahora les ha dado por publicar fotos en primera plana para shock and terrorize the people of Venezuela, on the eve of parliamentary elections.

For the private media, most opposing the Chavez government, do not care if they have to resort to old photographs and present them as current events. Or post a photo of a Colombian prison and present it as if it was Venezuela. At this level have fallen owners "Venezuelan journalism."


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