Thursday, September 23, 2010

Going To A Gay Bathhouse Alone

racist Opposition's campaign manager PSUV-PCV

Pablo Medina called "black cod" Aristobulus Istúriz

Alejandro Ruiz

The candidate of the opposition parties to parliament by the Capital District, Pablo Medina, published on Thursday 23 September 2010, the daily Últimas Noticias , a full-page message in which calls to pay for those "who are not slaves of the head of government" and called black cod "Chavez candidate for that constituency, in clear reference to Professor Aristobulo Isturiz, an African-American, and who is the national campaign manager of the revolutionary alliance PSUV-PCV.

Medina, leader of the rightist alliance MUD, wants a seat at the National Assembly with the votes popular areas of Caracas, where he is nominated Istúriz, former minister Education and vice president of the party of President Chávez.

In the ad, paid as election advertising in the newspaper of national circulation, Pablo Medina appears in a photograph together with fellow opposition candidate for Caracas, Stalin González. Then, in an extensive and virulent text entitled "Let my people go!" Attacked the President, rants of the candidates of the alliance of Venezuela's United Socialist Party and the Communist Party of Venezuela (PSUV-PCV) and encourages the armed forces to revolt on election day.

Paradoxically, the opposition leaders settled their campaign National Assembly called "A vote against hate," "To live and thrive in peace" and published in the press that "In Venezuela we want peace, respect, tolerance and democracy." In various media and meetings were presented as an alternative to inclusion and love of neighbor. While not tired, or tired, to accuse the Venezuelan leader and candidate of the revolutionary alliance PSUV-PCV to promote intolerance, violent speech and divide the country.

However, nearing the end of the race that this coming September 26, 2010 defined the 165 members of the National Parliament, the demons have been unleashed in the field of the counterrevolution in Venezuela, showing his true essence and fury. Opposition candidates could not conceal much time with your feigned discourse of peace and love, "love them all, vote for me."

is really embarrassing, contrary to all norms of electoral disputes and civil rights enshrined in the Constitution, the pamphlet published on the last day of campaigning with the signature of the opposition candidate Pablo Medina in the newspaper Ultimas Noticias (23 - 09-2010, p.43). Even his fellow party's far-right Movement 2D, Miguel Henrique Otero, dared to insert as an advertisement in the newspaper El Nacional .

electoral propaganda of the opposition allegedly rebukes and defame President Chavez, as is his wont: "... the money that belongs to all Venezuelans, steal it ...."

also showing whence the provocative message says: "... only a picture of dead in the morgue stowed shocked and apparatus for active your knees ...."

the beginning of the publication is called to vote for members "... are not slaves of the head of government." And then, near the end, the opposition launched the most despicable and racist instigator of his speech, referring first to the President of the Republic and then the candidate Aristobulo Isturiz, the color of their skin:

"You [Chavez] and your cronies are the thrown of the people living throwing challenges opposition (...) Why is your black cod, after the challenge launched discuss not had the same gall (...) I warn you, we will defend ourselves if democratic voting and FAN [National Armed Forces] institutional will to the Venezuelan people. "

The election campaign has ended, the contempt of the oligarchy and its mercenaries. Do not forget the glorious Bolivarian people of Venezuela.


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