Sunday, September 26, 2010

What Can I Write In A Wedding Card

Spanish in Caracas correspondent derides the National Anthem of Venezuela pays notice

The newspaper El Pais reports that Chavez and his people "get excited singing a hymn that speaks of a poor man in his shack"

Alejandro Ruiz / Venezuela Cantaclaro

" how far the great English press in its eagerness to denigrate the President Hugo Chávez, the humble people of Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution, on the eve of each election battle, to try to favor the right-wing opposition?

The English daily El Pais and its correspondent in Caracas, sent to report on parliamentary elections Sunday September 26, show up where you can denigrate a country, its people humble, its authorities and its symbols.

say that Chavez and his followers managed to dazzle the simple people who, election after election (...) will support with their vote "is not enough for this kind of journalism. Writing that" the poor only vote for silly soup change "is not enough for an alleged briefing note The Country on current Venezuelan elections.

With nothing fair holder" The Venezuelan opposition unites to curb abuses of power Chavez " , dated 09/25/2010, a day before elections, "the newspaper Spain's El Pais publishes an article signed by its correspondent Pablo Ordaz, which mocks and trivializes the national anthem of Venezuela . Also, try to ridicule the President Chávez and disparaged the ordinary people of the South American country, a former English colony from 1498 until 1821.

Here, verbatim, as published this other part of the infamous note directed to "inform" readers in Spain and used as ammunition in the circular sign international media, including several opposition media in Venezuela:

"Just take to the streets (...) and see a red tide of people having fun with his commander president [Chavez], who laughs at his jokes, answers their questions and excited him singing a hymn speaks of a 'poor freedom in his hut called ".

journalist Paul M. Ordaz and daily El Pais in Spain disrespect the most sensitive of the Venezuelan people. This hymn, which they mock and trivialize because it speaks of a "poor in his hut called freedom" is not a "hymn" that invented Chavez to "move" and "ordinary people dazzle that, election after election ... "behind him.

That hymn is, nothing more and nothing less than the official anthem of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. To the beat of the patriotic song's Liberation Army Simon Bolivar liberated, almost 200 years ago, Venezuela and several countries in South America from English colonial yoke.

The National Anthem "Gloria al Bravo Pueblo" , is a sacred and solemn song for all Venezuelans, dating from the struggle for independence since 1810. It is one of the three constitutionally Symbols that identify the country, along with the National Flag and Shield of the Republic. His disrespect for the law is considered a crime.

is despicable that Spain's El Pais -and your correspondent who writes from Caracas to reach those ends only to attack President Chavez and trying to promote an opposition defeated. They should already know that means "Glory to the brave people who shook off the yoke, the Act respecting virtue and honor."


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