Tuesday, March 8, 2011

All Nighter Stove Texas


If you look in the dictionary the term SAR museum finds its origin in the Museion Greek and Latin museum, the site dedicated to muses. If you are looking Muse ( Greek and Latin muse muse ) confirms what we already knew: that a muse in a mythological deity protector of the sciences and the arts. And if one tries to locate DOMUSAE in a Latin dictionary, finds nothing, but I understand that claims to be a contraction of domus muse, the muse's house (my little Latin BUP-yes, I did the prehistoric BUP - I suspect muse is the genitive singular of muse, muse , the first-and pink, pink - and therefore the muse ). This title

unique and successful, DOMUSAE, Management of Infrastructure and Equipment of the Ministry of Culture has organized the remainder of the Buen Retiro Palace and former Army Museum (now in the Alcazar of Toledo) an exhibition subtitled CULTURAL SPACES. A good number of projects, plans, drawings, models, photographs, videos of the authors, cultural buildings in Spain (English say no because, although everyone will be by geography, not all are by author): museums, libraries ,

files ... Projects are overwhelmingly well-known, but that are of interest: comes in handy to review the good, and it is nice to revisit high quality buildings (ROMAN MUSEUM OF MERIDA by Rafael Moneo, or the Provincial Museum of Zamora of Mansilla & Tuñón, to cite just two examples of well-known architecture and happily rediscovered).

But what really interested me in this exhibition was the place, see what was done with the Hall of Realms and the rest of the building. And, the truth has been a real disappointment. I do not quite understand that to pull no more walls of hollow-torn keep, really, unlocked, or leave what he has or has no interest (these exhibitors / wooden cabinet that still retain the labels of weapons that contained " Why paint?). The Hall of Realms is itself hidden: that is the assembly of DOMUSAE and, okay, I understand. But the rest has no name (or yes, but I'd rather not say ...).


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