Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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has always been said that comparisons are odious. Is an expression that means great, but at the same time has a high content of lie: I think it made comparisons between elements reasonably homogeneous (as we usually understand comparable ) are most effective for assessing the comparative advantages and deficiencies discovered, and come to a richer synthesis. Comparisons are often necessary. Logically, that the comparison has bought interest that should know what you are comparing: the result of the comparison will be of value to the extent that the guarantees offered comparator. Story

all this because the reason that led me to see the Museum of Romanticism has been, I mean that sincerely, my recent visit to Cerralbo Museum, which recently commented in select you. A museum I took the other, and comparison I get automatically. I know that

Cerralbo Museum and the Museum of Romanticism are not exactly the same thing: Cerralba is built in the late XIX (the works are finished in 1893), and the Museum of Romanticism aims to show a romantic house , and So the first decades of the nineteenth. I also understand that it would be a false claim, and ridiculous "attempt to get on the pedestal of the expert who knows the nineteenth and authority compared to the two museums: I'm not, and do not intend to. But neither one thing nor another anime prevent me to give my non-expert opinion : that each give the desired value.

On the one hand, I think what is of real Cerralba missing from the Museum of Romanticism, where everything feels more artificial, less experienced, more stage built. For another, the Museum of Romanticism is the conceptual clarity and interest museum (or is museum?) Lacks Cerralbo. Both ideas fit with what we know: that the Cerralbo Museum is an authentic mansion restored, while the Museum of Romanticism is a recreation of that way of life to be taught, but not a lived reality. As architecture, the Museum of Romanticism, but it is more orderly, has no interest in the lobby space and Cerralba Honor step, or its ballroom. As for the collections, my impression has been that it Cerralba best pieces together, but the Museum of Romanticism are more homogeneous, not knowing, of course, there was a Goya in the oratory of the Museum of Romanticism, an image San Gregorio Magno. I was struck by the Museum of Romanticism furniture, or perhaps more accurate to say that I have paid more attention to the furniture, which at least Cerralba did: I paid more attention to art objects and less on furniture (which often are works of art, of course) but it stopped a while in the room devoted to children, see vintage toys. I found most successful and complete the booklet of Cerralba to keep the exhibit that the Museum of Romanticism, and I liked the double meaning of the Boards proposed in the Museum of Romanticism. A final comparison, finished with a smile: the Museum of Romanticism entered directly, without a second tail, and ...

will not fall into the simple to tell which is better (not know to say, really), but I dare say that the two museums will complement great, and after visiting I think I know most of the nineteenth century and how lived, how people lived well - in the nineteenth. Two visits were worthwhile, they are rich and recommend them to anyone.

I reread the entry and I finally just did not say anything about the history and collections of the Museum of Romanticism ... but no matter, because they are beautifully explained in the website MUSEUM: do not miss, because it provides.


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