Thursday, March 3, 2011

Does Nail Biting Affect Finger Growth


courtesy is an experiment JAVIER MARIAS happened to me the same person that left me Your face tomorrow: a compilation of comments to photos / portraits of other writers , and even some photos of him, which were originally published in NOTEBOOKS CERVANTES (college magazine REVENGA LUIS very low coverage, so says Mary herself).

I think that courtesy has no other interest the pure form, manner and style of writing quality. The comments are meant to be stripped of any value other than what Mary sees in every photograph, and of course the knowledge you have of the author and his work. I think it's impossible to do at all: it is very difficult not to use what you know and not to force-feedback aseptic supposedly to match reality, but, like the author to some extent it succeeds, the end is not important who appear in the photo, that are known or unknown characters, images could comment writers or anything else, shot-putters, for example. A text for loose moments in any case, it reads very well.


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