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Can I Be In The Army If I Wear Hearing Aids?


food is called a substance that takes or receives a living for their nutrition, but not all essential nutrients are not available, there are some, which are not essential, are downright expensive since they are very expensive, eg

ANGLE (Anguilla anguilla)

-born catadromous fish in the sea, migrating to the rivers to grow and return to sea to reproduce, Al leptocephalus hatching and during a to three years feeding on plankton, undergoes a metamorphosis transforming into glass eels feed on fish, crabs and other invertebrates to reach adult size. Born as females, over time, to become elvers, some change sex.

All the eels are born in the Sargasso Sea in the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda and Puerto Rico, form large masses that are entrained by the Gulf Stream, two years after reaching the coast eels and continue their journey on an individual basis by the flow of rivers of Europe -Spain, France, Britain and Scandinavia.

eels swim upstream and animals feed on the bottoms of rivers and lakes. All are clear, change color and may reach to be yellow, green or silver. Cooked and have a white color. In their long migration -over 5000 miles, over 2 to 3 years- crosses all kinds of natural barriers, including overland routes because it is able to absorb oxygen directly from air.

eel farming is highly appreciated in gastronomy, the juvenile eel is the only permitted fishing laws. The eels are caught at dusk at high tide, the tide time remains at its maximum height.

In its commercial stage tend to weigh a gram, measuring less than eight inches and have lived more than two years. Which can complete its cycle, in the course of 10 to 14 years, can reach a length of 60 to 80 centimeters, making it a golden color known as yellow eels.

In Spain's most famous dish is eel to Bilbao, but are also known in French cuisine. Demand for eel is greater than the catch, their rarity and high prices achieved, some call it "the gold of the sea." In November 2010, the eels from the estuary of Nalón broke a historic record, selling in San Juan de la Arena, Asturias, Spain, at a price of 2113 euros per kilo of eel.

The European eel is threatened by a nematode-Angullicola crassus, which infects and attacks, reversing the roles of the swim bladder, which is the hydrostatic body movement in the water and stores energy

VIEIRA (Pectinidae jacobaeus)

hermaphrodite bivalve mollusc, lamellibranch - having bilateral symmetry, cephalic region rudimentary gills and foot foliaceous ventral ax-shaped named after the Galician scallop or Aviner, the closest thing in Mexico is the scallops.

lives in deep-sea up to 100 meters on clean sand banks near the coast, distributed in the North Atlantic from Norway to Portugal, It is located in the Pas de Calais, Normandy, Brittany, Scotland, Ireland and England, it is also found in the Mediterranean in Italy.

have shells with grooves and channels with corrugated shell, the bottom larger than the top is almost flat, with ripples that radiate from the top, making a picture similar to a fan.

The common scallop shell or scallop is the symbol of the pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago (Spain), to be typical of Galicia, the pilgrims took their places of origin as proof that they had reached the end of way. This

mussels, has great commercial importance, as can be eaten raw or fired because of the tasty flavor of the meat. Are emblematic recipe scallop pies with parmesan.

In some places has exploded more than it would be advisable, to avoid their extinction, fisheries measures have been regulated, but poachers mock controls in closed season. For example, your fishing is strictly regulated in France, which only allowed the extraction of these molluscs , which called coquille Saint Jacques- not less than 11 cm during the period 1 October to 15 May.

-16000 In France tons per year, the main fishing ports require that each boat with a permit special fishing using towed a metal structure to search the bottom and dig and recover the buried tanks. Normandy represents more than half of French production. About half of the production is sold outside the auction, by mutual agreement.

Fishermen sell the scallops to the packing at 4.47 Euros per kilo.




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