Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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has long had great desire to visit this museum. More than once she had tried, and for various reasons never had. So when a couple of weeks ago I was invited to eat at a pueblín close to Valladolid (agreeable food, incidentally, that here I thank the hosts), I saw it was the occasion: the day we left very early for lunch Madrid, and we arrived early, not much, but enough to visit the former National Museum of Sculpture, National Museum today COLLEGE OF SAN GREGORIO.

A real gem, a tesorazo. It is true he was looking forward very very willing, but not just my good attitude: we must recognize that what one is in Valladolid is magnificent. The collection is very good, how to expose is very good, the venue is very good, the reform of the seat is very good. I liked everything.

polychrome wood sculpture (not all there at the Museum is polychromed, but they are the vast majority of the pieces) has always seemed to have enormous strength, and can finish the work with many nuances the stone or metal are not always allowed. Devotional images are also looking to move the viewer. The mixture between the plastic capacity of painted wood and the exaltation of feeling is often overwhelming. When in the same place together masterpieces, the result is impressive. If, moreover, the pieces are set so that you can see every detail, the result is stunning (it is true to be able to see the pieces: the Museum as we see in positions and angles that are not provided for the artist, sometimes we may assume deformities or lack of proportion where there really is skill, appropriate scale to the scene, correct perspective, etc., but this is known, and the museum itself tells us). And if found above the break-even to teach everything of importance without cluttering the rooms and also enticed visitors, icing on the cake.
how I could not stay, or better, I'd take everything I saw. The pity that one finds in the first room, each piece of ALTARPIECE SAN BENITO ALONSO THE REAL BERRUGUETE, or the seating of the same convent work of Andrés de Najera, the BURIAL OF JUAN DE JUNI, the BAPTISM CHRIST or THE SIXTH STEP OF DISTRESS, of GREGORIO FERNANDEZ, SAN PEDRO DE ALCANTARA, PEDRO DE MENA scoring ... I could go back to back all the pieces, because all I found something, I stood in front of each.

The Museum has two locations in close proximity, and a third that should be rehabilitated. Almost all parts are in a building of great historical interest, the Colegio de San Gregorio, founded by Fray Alonso de Burgos in the late fifteenth century (the foundation was adopted in 1487 by Pope Innocent VIII) was conceived as a center of theological education of the Dominicans. It is not known with certainty who is the author of the project, although some point to Juan Guas and GIL of Siloam. Like so many of these buildings, with the seizure of the nineteenth century came to be owned by the state, and since then had several uses: it was headquarters, jail, offices, and finally moved here in 1933 the National Sculpture Museum, which since 1842 was at the College of Santa Cruz. In 1884 he had been declared National Monument.

The building has been recently refurbished by FUENSANTA Nieto and Enrique Sobejano, interesting team of architects in this work achieves a masterful effect: if you look at the rehabilitation there are only reasons for applause, and if you do not Still, things are so well made that the architecture does not distract at all from the sculpture. It is increasingly common in museums on the continent role remove the content: here the continent hosts and accompanies the content, gives the necessary framework, a framework of high quality clothing known discreetly and effectively to a high quality content also . Much of the rooms have a great woodwork, some are originals, and others have been brought from other buildings, but that is unimportant: on entering many rooms you barely know where to look if the ceiling or walls (walls earn at least in my case). The materials are acertadísimos: white concrete, limestone clear, a very neutral plaster and wood, lots of wood. For this work SOVEREIGN NIETO and did in 2007, year of completion of works, the National Award for Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Property. Perhaps the only downside I saw him is the difficulty in following the route of the tour: the structure-respected, the original building, and the subtlety of the signs-smart and so discreetly make visitors sometimes do not know to where to move, or may even come to forget some room, I, without going any further, I looked out the ground floor devoted to steps Processional: Only when reviewing the prospectus, and in Madrid, I realized my dismissal.

The other venue is the Palacio de Villena, an unobtrusive building. Napolitano Bethlehem hosts a fun and temporary exhibitions, we did not see, that's the truth. The third site (the CASA DEL SOL and the CHURCH OF THE OLD SAN BENITO) seemed to understand that is not yet available.

Anyway, reading this post you'd think the Tourist Office has paid for me Valladolid write: it is not. Just came back excited, and I wrote with the same enthusiasm to re-read the entry before publishing, I have chosen not to dampen enthusiasm. For those who want to know more and more, here you can link to the page MUSEUM NATIONAL COLLEGE OF SAN GREGORIO .

Now I will be forced to return to Valladolid: SAN GREGORIO to see again, with time left, and to see the rest of the city, which certainly has more treasures (the patio is in my opinion HERRERIANO Focus on ...).


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