Monday, May 9, 2011

Philip Charriol Philippines


book I found this book would tighter: 140 pages slightly larger than a pamphlet, in the library of a friend. The cover and caught my attention, ojeƩ, and I borrowed. SELF PORTRAIT WITH RADIATOR

(AU RADIATEUR Autoportrait, 1997) is a unique work, not easy to label. Although the protagonist tells us that " I'm not writing a diary but a novel. Her main characters are light, pain, a grass Biznes, happiness and a few packets of black snuff "the text itself is strictly a journal, with entries over almost a year. The author has recently lost his wife, addressing her, writes down ideas, suggestions, maxims, recommendations ... even sentences: a whole philosophy of life. SELF PORTRAIT WITH RADIATOR

is ordinary, to discover the joy in the thousand little things that life keeps getting in passing, to see what is good in often. Is happiness, fullness, happiness, luck of living, sense of wonder, to avoid habituation. Comes to light, pain, flowers. A few base to discover the potential of the ordinary, CHRISTIAN COIL up a real monument. SELF PORTRAIT WITH RADIATOR

is superbly written, with a masterful poetic tone, simple, or pompous or contrived, as befits the way in which the author sees life people and things (he himself is the blade of grass that names of the characters of his novel ).

I must admit that the start of SELF WITH RADIATOR dazzled me. Then, as I've been reading, I lowered my rating a bit, but it undoubtedly achieved is a work full of suggestive insights and some outstanding. I did not know or COIL CHRISTIAN PUBLISHING ARDORA , but I'm investigating something more than one and the other: I have found that have background and interest.


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