Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Much Does Jon Cryer Make


months ago I wrote a comment on the building in the Eixample DOSMASUNOARQUITECTOS Carabanchel, I noted that with him was another, still under construction, which might be of interest, and see him again. I spent a couple of weeks ago, camera in hand, and walked around the area. Several buildings caught my attention: not all seem the same quality, but all are unique and, each in his way-cool. I dedicate this post to talk (or rather, to teach, because I'll just say two words of each other and show some photographs of the exterior) of the sheet buildings: all have in common the use of metal sheet significantly. Maybe later talk about the brick buildings .

Before the images, two considerations:

On the one hand, draws attention to the use of color (we have also talked ever select you color in architecture ), and should make an assessment of its use: not anything goes. Folded sheets of colors, colored aluminum panels, glass, printed in colors ... all there. Sometimes the color is a warning that emphasizes a singular point of the construction or composition, sometimes reinforcing the general idea of \u200b\u200bthe project, others appear without finding a single image, sometimes mixed motives, and other such reasons are not. What color complex is used in bulk, and how difficult it right if the use is indiscriminate, color by color.

other hand, I saw something that I noted speaking of building BAMBOO ARCHITECTURE FOREIGN OFFICE: difficulties in maintenance. How difficult is to maintain a building with bamboo, which is very difficult to maintain a building sheet metal. Especially in the latter case, the churretones of rust and paint failures give a bad image, which over time, if not remedied, will eventually be sorry.

Moving on in the buildings I saw, which at the time struck me in the Avenida de la Peseta is the work of ACM ARCHITECTS (ATXU AMANN + ANDREW CÁNOVAS + NICHOLAS Maruri): a collection of colored containers overlapping, as if we were in the port of Rotterdam, including gaps left terrace and together form a closed block which leaves a large garden (and a little city, I must say) in the center. The general concept reminded me the LATTICE BUILDING Sanchinarro MVRDV. When I first saw it was still mono-plastered the boxes were just still not covered with colored plates, and I found it interesting, now the image is powerful, but maybe I prefer the unfinished building. [+ pictures]

The numbers 95 to 99 of the Avenida de la Peseta COCO ARCHITECTS (JORGE MARTINEZ & LAURA SÁNCHEZ) has built 168 homes. In this case the project does not just use color-folded sheet to the outside, white plaster in the large courtyard, and black metal in the points of the building (the content) - and the effect is serene, lucky. The uniqueness and strength of the building was entrusted to the perforated metal boxes (they look like enclosed balconies or open balconies, o trasteros, o zonas de almacén), que dan al conjunto una imagen conseguida. Vale la pena señalar cómo el edificio se ajusta al desnivel de las calles: los grandes paños principales de las fachada, esos de chapa plegada, se ajustan a la geografía, y van subiendo y bajando en paralelo a las acera: inteligente.

En el número 27 de la Avenida del Euro encontré un edificio de CV ARQUITECTOS (CONRADO CAPILLA+JOSÉ V. VALLEJO): dos cuerpos separados por un patio central, cubierto y lleno de circulaciones: la fachada exterior de uno de los bodies (facing north) is completely finished with color-printed glass, discreet but change colors, and the other (south) is all metal lattice deployé .
[+ pictures]

The number 4 cincuentines Street LARREA CESAR RUIZ has built a small block of 25 flats for young people: sheet, and a touch of color. .. [+ pictures]

Finally, a building I do not know who he is and have called of 16 colors, trying to locate the author because I read that you have used 16 different colors to make up the facade. The image undoubtedly striking, but do not know if it is justified to disguise a building just to get attention. [+ pictures]


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