Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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Francis Prescott was ready a young, athletic, good family Boston, yet a carrerón ahead. But instead of going inside the ways of the world, decided to follow his religious vocation: Episcopalian pastor was ordained and founded a school for male high school, St. Justin Martyr. Over time, St. Justin ends up being a school of reference, whose classrooms passes the cream of the Protestant youth of the East Coast. When in the autumn of 1939, Francis Prescott, with nearly eighty years, is on the verge of retirement, Brian Aspinwall comes to school. He is a young educated at Oxford also has in mind the ecclesiastical career, a timid man with the weight and could not participate in the World War (for a heart problem has been declared unfit to be a soldier). Quickly dazzled by the figure of THE RECTOR OF JUSTIN. Aspinwall is a journal, which is precisely the novel that we have in our hands. And as you know the characters related to St. Justin and Prescott, will receive information sandwiched between the journal entries. Auchincloss So we will continue to publicize the life and personality of Prescott. THE RECTOR OF JUSTIN is therefore composed a biography based on stories: the diary of the main narrator and the various manuscripts that arrive more or less casual. And each of them shows a different facet of the legendary director of St. Justin, since he professes devotion Brian Aspinwall, through the love of his wife or faculty reverence, even fear of his students who in some cases come to hate.

Basically, with this set of statements for and against Louis Auchincloss is a matter well-known, yet interesting: we all have our lights and our shadows, we have moments of lucidity, even bright and dark moments, that those lights and the shadows are multiplied in the eyes of others: if we look with understanding or affection or reverence, magnify our figure, but if they do well, do not understand how we operate and we destroy without mercy, and that in the end, nothing is black or white: life is made of gray, shades. None are perfect, nor are we real jerks (I think these ideas I have also came to mind because recently I saw Crash, a film that I find remarkable and beautifully addresses this issue.)

THE RECTOR OF JUSTIN is a book that leaves me a contradictory impression: I started a couple of months and then stopped because I did not connect anything to catch him again and a half weeks ago and have devoured him as he was reading me snagged a lot, I enjoyed the book, with the theme and characters, but at the end, the feeling is not librazo. Is a right book, interesting, well structured, it seems that super writing (do not know the English text, but the translation reads PEYRO IGNACIO very fine, and that is appreciated) ... But note that something is missing. I thought, and I really do not know what it is. A pity, because I say that while reading I was looking great. I suspect it has to do with it hooked to the story and its protagonist, Francis Prescott, but not with Brian, his narrator, whose personality often grinds. It is true that Brian Aspinwall begins to find her little by little, but it is surprising that someone like Prescott Sponsor it so easily ... In particular I struggled to connect with his religious doubts and their references to religion, and again I could not say why, because there are inadequate: they are very logical and, to a large extent, define the character. But I have been interested. By the way, speaking of religion in THE RECTOR OF JUSTIN, and without going into depth, it seems unclear how it uses some terms that I have always understood as a Catholic priest especially to refer to the Episcopalian ministers, which I had always called pastors , but maybe it most correct: I do not know as they say. One issue at least, in any case.

Despite all this, I think THE RECTOR OF JUSTIN is above average: reading enriches and worthwhile, not is, in any case, a waste of time. They say it's the best novel by Louis Auchincloss: I do not know, although I have not excited I would not mind something else to read yours. An author who was unknown to me until now and, of course, I have been presented by ASTEROID BOOKS ...


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