Thursday, January 20, 2011

White Strands In Feces


The second part of Your Face Tomorrow is a continuation of the first in all senses everything said in commenting on the first volume (Fever and Spear) it could say DANCE AND DREAM. Everything.

is true that the main action is not a dinner, the night and the next morning, but another dinner a bit of disco, and a good beating. But beyond that, the scheme is modeled. Or rather, is the novel itself: just the first with a mysterious woman following the lead, and started the second with the same woman knocking on the door of your portal. And from there, digressions, advances and retreats in time, memories, conversations with his wife, civil war, his father ... everything. Even as Fever and Spear ended leaving us in an action and no outcome, DANCE AND DREAM does the same.

strongly as an area to the entire text of the action occurs over time: the present and the manipulation of the past, the past and forgetting (" what is not has not been," "What was and was not" because you're not, you've never been "), the foreseeable future and YOUR FACE TOMORROW.

To point out something, I would say that Mary insists on the theme of salvation: do this "and save me"; do that "and then save yourself", "save you any risk and save it," "is not only silent about what saving "," and that may be enough to save. " Specifically, the phrase "shut up and then save yourself " I have indicated at least three times in the text. What do you mean? For now, I can not decipher ...

I was also struck by the number of triples used. Long jingles synonyms or verbs that express a similar action there are many, but often refers to the three by three, causing a slight internal rhythm, " a hypermarket or supermarket or pseudomercado", "would not argue with anything, to contradict, nor to alienate me ";" just weed or sand or swamp, "" at the foot of the chestnut horse and pseudonegra mouth of the wolf and to the pit of crocodiles "," large melon overalls and a cake, "" by a narrow and tight and adjusted the skirt, "" not divided or distinguished or distance. " And so many more examples you can copy.

I liked the pedal of doom, and I was tired a little cycling on the blood stain ...

And all this when commenting on the first volume (Fever and Spear) is that I DANCE AND DREAM, also say that this second volume of Your Face Tomorrow I liked so much, or nearly so, as the first.


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