Thursday, January 13, 2011

Steps To Rigging. Sailboat


I've long without commenting on the presentations I see. It is true that the last weeks / months I'm short on time, I have not gotten to see everything I would have liked, and I've lost something I wanted ... yes

summing up of what is seen, say that disappointed me MADE IN USA RECOLETOS MAPFRE whereas, however, I thought it was great and was very interested AMERICAN LANDSCAPES OF ASHER B. DURAND at the Juan March Foundation (and over), that RENOIR in the MNP was a must and is adjusted precisely what I expected: an artist of quality, small exhibit, and images too corny for my stomach (I said RENOIR somewhere that is not my cup of tea, and that certainly says less about me than him, but that's stuff), that Impressionist Gardens in CAJAMADRID-JEWELRY THYSSEN and I thought it was achieved though a little empachante: all too well (yes, the three paintings by Gustav KLIMT, spectacular) that I have half PAINTING OF THE KINGDOMS , yet still see the exposed section in the Royal Palace.

special signal so RUBENS sample because I was shocked, I loved it-the disposition of the paintings, the concept / installation of the exhibition which in itself has some character artwork. Artwork made from works of art. Very nearly a facility built paintings from the great RUBENS. A success that is worth visiting. For those who want to know more, here is the very complete explanation that makes the Museum .


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