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How To Clean White Leather Sofa

TIPS Aesculapius must read for all aspiring Medical

Want to be my son? Aspiration is this a soul generous, a hungry spirit of science, men want you to have as a God who relieves them drive away evil and terror.

Have you thought through what has to be your life? You'll have to give up private life, while most people can complete their homework, isolated away from the importunate, your door will always open to everybody, whatever time of day or night will come to disturb your rest, your pleasures, your meditation, you will not have hours to devote to your family to friendship or study, you no longer belong.

The poor, used to suffer, but will not call you if emergency, but the rich will be treated as a slave in charge to remedy its excesses, either because they are a cold, will you wake up in a hurry as soon as you feel the least concern, as far estimated at him. You will have to show interest in the most ordinary details of his life, deciding whether to eat beef or mutton, if they go to this or that way when they walk. You can not go to the theater, be away from the city, or be sick, you'll always be ready to go as soon as you call your master. Eras

severe in choosing your friends, looking for the society of men of talent, artists from sensitive souls, afterward you can not dispose of the bothersome, to the limited intelligence, the contemptible. The thief will have as much right to your assistance as the honest man, prolonging lives and the dire secret of your profession will not allow you to prevent crimes of which you will witness.

have faith in your work to win you a reputation, remember that you will judge you not by science but by the twist of fate, by cutting your coat, by the look of your home, the number your servants, for the attention you devote to the talks and tastes of your clientele. The will have to be suspicious of you if you spend no beard, others if you come from Asia, others if you think in the gods, others if you do not believe in them.

you like simplicity, so you must adopt the attitude of an Augur. Are active, you know what it's worth the time, you will not have to express annoyance or impatience, will have to endure stories to boot the beginning of time to explain a colic idle consult you for the simple pleasure of chatting. You will be the dumping ground for their troubles, their petty vanities.

feel passion for the truth, and you can not say it. You'll have to hide some severity of his illness, to others its insignificance, because they bother. You will have to keep secrets that you have, accept the view mocked, ignorant, complicit.

Although medicine is a dark science, whom the faithful efforts are shining through the centuries, no doubt you will be allowed to ever risk losing all credibility. If you do not claim to know the nature of the disease, which possess a magic bullet to cure the common people go to quacks who sell the lie that you need.

not count on appreciation, when the sick healthy, healing is due to its robustness, if you die, you're the one who killed him. While you are in danger treats you like a god, I beg, I promise, I praise fills, no sooner is in convalescence, already clogged, and when it comes to pay for care you've showered, I was angry and denigrates.

The more selfish men are more demanding request from the physician. The more greedy of them, but it has to be selfless, and they make fun of the gods give the priesthood to interest the worship of his sacred person. The city relies on it to remedy the damage it causes.

Do not count on this job make you rich so painful, I told you: it is a priesthood and would not produce decent gains as you get the oiler or selling wool.

I pity you if you feel desire for beauty, you'll see the most ugly and disgusting that exist in the human species, all your senses will be abused, you have to stick your ear against the smell of sweaty breasts, breathing the smell of miserable huts, perfumes uploaded tired of courtesans, feel tumors, healing wounds green pus fix your eyes and your nose in filth, stick your finger in many places. How many times a beautiful day to leave the scene of a piece of Sophocles, will call for a man bothered by abdominal pain, put before your eyes a basin foul, saying happy 'Because I have been careful not to throw '! Remember then that you seem to be very interested in this dejection.

itself to the beauty of women, human comfort, for you will fade, you'll see in the morning disheveled, haggard, devoid of its beautiful colors and forgetting about the furniture part of its attractions. Cease to be God to become afflicted with misery poor creatures graceless, feel more compassion for them many times do you wish to see an alligator scare sleeping at the bottom of the source of pleasure!

Your life will pass like the shadow of death, between the pain of the bodies and souls, including duels and hypocrisy that refers to the bedside of the dying: the human race Prometheus torn by vultures.

You'll be alone in your grief, alone in your studies, only half of selfishness, or even find support among physicians who are deaf war interest or pride. Only ease the conscience of evil can hold you in your labors.

Think while you're on time, but, indifferent to the fortune, the pleasures of youth, if knowing that you'll only between human beasts, have a soul stoic enough to satisfy the mission accomplished without illusions, if you judge well paid with the joy of a mother with a face that smiles because he no longer suffers, or the peace of a Dying who concealed the arrival of the deaths, if you yearn to know the man, penetrate all the tragedy of his fate.

Become my son!


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