Friday, January 7, 2011

Vídeos De Mulheres Lésbica


'm amazed by Wallace Stegner: IN A SAFE PLACE and REST ANGLE were undoubtedly the best-even the best of all, I read in 2010, and THE SPECTATOR BIRD has been a sensational start to 2011.

had very good references from THE SPECTATOR BIRD, I liked the great input devotes ISI, and the other two titles had set the bar very high. So take me in danger of another disappointment, as I did with THE DAUGHTER OF ROBERT POST . But no I was not disappointed at all. On the contrary, often novel piece!: I found superb.

To relate the plot of THE SPECTATOR BIRD I turn back to the back of the book, which on this occasion itself adequately sums:

Joe Allston is a retired literary agent who lives far away in California with his wife, Ruth, without ancestors or descendants (his parents and his only son died some time ago), it feels like a spectator who attends at the end of his life. The arrival of the postcard of an old friend of hers forced to revisit the diaries he wrote twenty years ago when, for a few months, he traveled with his wife in Denmark to see the country from which his family had originated. Ruth convinces her husband every night to read an excerpt from the diaries, and so are reliving what happened during that trip, especially the marriage relationship with the mysterious Danish aristocrat Astrid Wredel-Krarup, who was his host in Copenhagen. The memory of that time awakens in them feelings and long-neglected questions and leads them to reflect on transcendental aspects of their lives. As in previous novels, Stegner manages to accurately portray the multiplicity of sensations and feelings that crowd at maturity. The spectator bird won the National Book Award in 1977. Wallace Stegner

again creates characters of flesh and blood absolutely, the frame fits into a completely believable, and makes you feel like meeting you, chatting with them, be part of your group of friends. Some real characters, religion (to me this much hooked me: educated people who read that quote, he meets interesting characters ... really), witty, with heart, with virtues and defects.

The author draws back the memories-in this case as a daily-mixed with the present. The story of Joe and Ruth in the present talks the fear of aging and the inevitable reality of aging, I think it is fully achieved. Past history tells us the weeks they spent in Denmark with the Countess Astrid Wredel-Krarup, is more puzzling, because as the plot progresses, it novelero , a little melodrama, and Stegner force to bring the reader a way that, at least to me, I was real little surprising for, how does that fit with the other?, I was wondering ... Until the end everything is put in place, no strange things, without double somersault with twist and also a way and with a depth that I found very successful.

To cite some details, there are over text a cameo Karen Blixen which is great. And Danish dating that I found disconcerting, for incomprehensible, but I guess that does not translate these phrases Stegner's novel, and the translator into Castilian, with good reason, neither does.

is not easy to count over SPECTATOR BIRD without gutting the story, so I will not comment further, but of course I found quite round. It is obvious that I'm a redneck Wallace Stegner (as I said at the start), and therefore my opinion may be biased. Perhaps some SPECTATOR BIRD it does not appear so bad, but it is a book I recommend to anyone all (And three cheers for ASTEROID BOOKS!).


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