Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bottemless Party Harold


I was told months ago that opened the public the backyard of the new town hall of Madrid, the Palacio de Comunicaciones far from Plaza de Cibeles, the great Post Office Building ANTONIO Palacios and Joaquín OTAMENDI lifetime (some will remember that we've talked ANTONIO PALACIOS to select you ). I recently returned to go through there, camera in hand, and I just thought a brief comment, with two previous clarifications: first, I've always thought that the Plaza de la Villa is one of the most successful of Madrid, and old town hall in their GÓMEZ DE MORA JUAN DE VILLANUEVA added, without being the not-going-over, is a building that is quite good. On the other, I know that the cover of which I speak today as part of a global intervention in the building, and certainly to understand the whole study should be finished building and running as Town Hall. That said, I add that the intervention has left me quite cold.

DECK is undoubtedly a obrón , and appearance of the patio is not bad, a bit soulless, perhaps, but attractive, this does not deny anyone (Palacios and have OTAMENDI much of merit in this from the colorful, course). No one would deny either, I imagine, the interest of the reflections of the deck and the sky-in the interior windows, or transparencies that allow you to see the tower / dome of the building against the blue sky of Madrid.

But I think a cover for a patio and only irregular is regular, so deformed, rare-space at the bottom, covered with a residual-rare. If the patio cover was a necessity if the covered entity to have a reason to support it had, it still could understand the operation, that the court should become the main entrance area of \u200b\u200bthe building or its main hall, lobby or secondary distribution and customer service, or a particular audience, or ... something, anything, goes. But so much for a patio cover that does not seem to have any singular use is difficult to explain. The City Council and the architect (FRANCISCO RODRIGUEZ Partearroyo) say that this space is the first covered market of Madrid, and intended use for receptions and concerts. Perhaps too much for so little. And, though it is a difficult issue to assess, which could result in hundreds of comments (what is cheating? Can you copy?) And I do not seem very serious, if it is a top deck and know, a rehash of the NORMAN FOSTER the BRITISH MUSEUM (same Partearroyo supports inspiration), you no longer want to even count. Will recognize that the similarities are too obvious:

I admit that my comment is precipitate, that will have to see how to use the covered patio area that the municipality is working 100%. But for now I have found the right project ... but vulgar by excessive and already known.


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