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Company That Makes The Niagara Pop-up Campers


AAIYANGAR Srinivasa Ramanujan

Indian Mathematician, born into the Brahmin caste, in a poor family and Orthodox, in the town of Erode, Tamil Nadu state in 1887. He attended public school and said very early on in mathematics, at age 12, mastered trigonometry.

in 1912 provides a list of 120 formulas and mathematical theorems to three, only replied Godfrey Harold Hardy in Cambridge that qualifies as a genius and invited him to England, where he finally admitted to the Royal Society of London and Trinity College, becoming the first Indian to achieve this honor. Was able to solve modular equations and theorems; dominated continued fractions found by itself the equation of the function Z and the most important terms of the theory analytic number.

After three years, affected by tuberculosis aggravated by the climate of England and feeding problems in their religious beliefs, their health declines, returning to India, where he died at age 33 in Kumbakonam in 1920.

formulas of Ramanujan's studies have been critical of crystallography and in string theory.


Comedian and Mexican-American actor, born on April 23, 1961 in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. Abandoned by his father at birth and his mother at ten years old, was raised by his grandparents in Mission Hills, California, San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles, California.

Your Children sad, next to misery, a satirical view has been the inspiration for his work on Hispanic life and culture in the United States.

has become a star within the U.S. Latino community, particularly since 1993 for its programs on TV as the stand-up comedians on ABC and HBO.

Considered one of the most influential Hispanics, is identified by the charity and community services to Hispanics. Has a star on the legendary Walk of Fame in Hollywood and has won several awards as has become a particularly successful comedian.


Canadian geologist, born in Edmonton, Alberta where he was born in 1946. Graduated in 1970 with honors from the University of British Columbia set at a goal of finding a diamond mine. In 1981 diamond indicators found in the Mackenzie Mountains in the Yukon.

discovered a kimberlite diamond fireplace around Lac de Gras in the Northwest Territory in Canada, setting the Ekati Diamond Mine in 1998, still owns 10% of the shares as well as his partner Stu Blusson.

Now a billionaire tycoon who heads the Innovative Research Center of the University, which he founded, providing a grant of six million Canadian dollars.

lefties, born on November 1, 1960, in Etchohuaquila, municipality of Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico considered the best pitcher of all time.

Signed by Navojoa Mayos in 1977 sent the team of Guanajuato in the Central League. The next season pitching for the Yucatan Lions where he was discovered by a major league scout which led to a contract with Los Angeles Dodgers, playing a few weeks at branches in San Antonio.

His outstanding performance in AA League Manager Tom Lasorda convinced to give you the opportunity to pitch against Houston Astros who shutout, giving rise to a social phenomenon called "Fernandomania" in 1980.

In 1981 he won the third game of the World Series to the Yankees in New York which helped his team win this competition.

Their efforts were rewarded by receiving the nomination for rookie of the year and win the Cy Young Award for best major league pitcher. He also received the Silver Slugger award for pitchers twice 1981 and 1983.

The June 29, 1990, Fernando Valenzuela pitched the feat of a no-hitter game against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Fernando Valenzuela made history with the Dodgers, imposing a rookie record eight shutouts in the season, becoming a cultural icon in the Latino community in the United States.

His successful career included 17 years in the major leagues, three seasons in the Mexican League and several more in the Mexican Pacific League.


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