Thursday, February 24, 2011

Preparation H For Dogs Perianal Fistula


solenodonte (the English Cuban Solenodon)

Solenodon paradoxus

Strange poisonous placental mammal, native to tropical forests of the Dominican Republic , considered as a true living fossil as it has remained virtually unchanged in last 76 million years.

Its scientific name means "ridged or grooved tooth" as the second incisor on each side of his lower jaw has a groove connected with a venom gland at its saliva is often lethal when used for defense.

reddish brown, has a length of 30 centimeters and 15 to 25 cm tail. His head is characterized by a long snout like a small trunk and have disproportionately large feet. Of nocturnal habits, it is difficult to observe. Mainly insectivorous, can be an opportunistic animal that feeds on reptiles, amphibians and small birds.

Few people in the Dominican Republic has seen one and many have never even heard of them. It is considered endangered by the reduction, fragmentation and habitat degradation.

Hutia or Jutía

Plagiodontia aedium

arboreal rodent, which together with the solenodonte are the only mammals native Dominican Republic that currently exist. This huge rat is vegetarian, feeding on leaves, bark, fruits, roots and tubers, dwelling in the branches of trees, hollow logs or in holes in rocky soil.

The hutias are stout, large head and short legs and can weigh up to seven kilos. Were used as a regular source of food for pre-Columbian Indians in all the Caribbean islands (there are several species, ranging in size from that of a guinea pig and a small dog), are now hunted as food and the kind of Cuba has domesticated, breeding in captivity for the intake.

Their survival is threatened, both because a couple can only produce one or two litters a year with an average of 2 pups and on the other side by the predation by animals imported dogs, cats and mongoose. The hutias can be carriers of equine encephalitis virus.

Hanky \u200b\u200bPanky

brown colorful characters of the Dominican Republic to round the beaches in search of American and European tourists, white, allowing you to get a visa for try to leave the country and improve their economic status, to indulge their tastes change and sexual fantasies.

to exercise "sankipankeo" one must be a very good actor, have a charming demeanor, speaking more than one language, be good dancer, friendly and talkative and willing to satisfy any occurrence.

Although some consider him a sex worker, never traded money directly for sex, which creates a pseudorelación based on stories constructed that allows you to send wire transfers, when your partner returns home.

This activity, considered a form of social survival, is the ultimate objective of obtaining a marriage visa, change of residence and live well with less work effort.

versions about the origin of the name are debatable: it is said that when he started surfing in the tables were brand RD hanky panky and practiced that sport and decided to call the guys at the beach. Hanky \u200b\u200bpanky in English means "little tricks" is a slang term two-way referred to a meeting prohibited or suspicious activities.


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