Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Compare Lice To Dandruff


aside his usual line of work focused on the art of the late nineteenth and early twentieth FOUNDATION MAPFRE Madrid brings real gems (I do not exaggerate much) of the National Museum of Catalan Art.

I was able to see the splendor of ROMANESQUE the same day it opened (it has no special merit, nor special intention: I ate very closely, and dismissed the guests, I went to the Paseo de Recoletos). With a reasonable number of visitors, I could see the exhibition with confidence and detail. I really liked. And I liked everything I saw.

I've always been interested in Roman art, and enjoyed the novelty is that in this journey of good examples of medieval art, mainly Catalan. First the fresh; after working in stone (the voussoirs RIPOLL seemed sensational), then painting on canvas in front of the altar and canopies, all spectacular, then the statue of Christ crucified or majesty (the MAJESTY BATLLÓ is shocking), and finally plate, carefully prepared and rich. Real treasures, and I said at the start.

When you end the trip reaffirmed in the wealth of the medieval, the strength of a religion that inspires a symbolic art, beautiful, yet tremendously educational. And you just see an art that aims to teach, enrich and embellish the architecture of the temple-sacred space-and themselves liturgical functions. An anti-classical art and unnatural, that does not pursue the detail is not lost in the superfluous. A vigorous art, schematic, expressive, which seeks to convey a very specific message. An art that seeks clarity of exposition, which meets the eye theme and that man is not wasted on superfluous or dismissal. An art with its own rules, you need to know to not nonsensical to comment: some still dare to say that the Middle Ages was a dark time!

addition, the installation is successful: I'm not usually comfortable in the halls of this venue, I think, the rooms and set-based ill-advised. But this time the assembly is achieved, with its black walls and lighting with the necessary intensity and targeted. The circular room where you have placed the BATLLÓ MAJESTY is to be there a while.

Anyway, THE SPLENDOR OF ROMANESQUE seemed to be a very good exposure, the kind that not to be missed: it is open until May 15. It also leaves in lust for also visit the National Museum of Catalan Art : do not know, and I have to find the time ...


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