Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How To Not Be Awkward With A Guy You Like


Some time ago I read in LILLU blog an entry about Glennkill SHEEP. He had done a lot of grace and, although she suggested in a comment the possibility that it was not so bad, I thought it might be worth risking, and read something really funny. Unfortunately, there has seemed to me, as it has done is tear a smile. SWANN LEONIE

tells how a flock of sheep investigating the mysterious death of their pastor. The approach is original, evocative, but the development of the action is slow and repetitive, and the structure of the novel is confusing at times. It is true that the modus operandi of the sheep is witty, really sheep: its lack of fixity, his little world, their lack of humamos, the importance of smell, his constant preoccupation with food ... but little else: the story progresses slowly, deslabazada, and the end is very regular. SHEEP
has brought me to the head several times to the great humorist Gary Larson, who has very great ability to make smart animals and humans simpletons. With the difference that gets a bullet LARSON what SWANN stretched to 376 pages. Worth it as an example: it is not the best of Larson and are cows instead of sheep, but has a lot to do with the idea behind Glennkill SHEEP.


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