Friday, April 8, 2011

Aishwarya Rai Breasts

CHARDIN 1699-1779, in the Prado Museum in Madrid

Magnificent exposure. And great against all odds, I must admit I was not expecting much. On the one hand because I did not know Jean Siméon Chardin, which only speaks of my greatest artistic shortcomings, and partly because a couple of weeks ago I was invited to visit the typical "private" to the Museum, courtesy of a company unknown to me : I was a companion, and finally Travel-related but before the English came, we CHARDIN shown two rooms, and I do not say much. In any case, I intended to return, what not to miss opportunities. I was again last weekend and was fascinated. A discovery.

CHARDIN 1699-1779 is an exhibition that is gathering strength as you walk through the halls, as you will see the technical and thematic painter. Will captivate the visitor in a quiet but inevitable. When you see the first hare, or La Raya, think that ... well, well without more, a little awkward even. But then come other hares, and more hunting, and still lifes of ordinary objects resolved with great delicacy, and then the human figure, self-absorbed and kind, the room of the three children and Lady taking tea is to be hours and later again, still lifes, hares, and flowers are jewels, baskets of fruit. And you just see the fifty-odd paintings that are believed to have made a giant discovery, leaving excited and moved there after having traveled the work of a master serene, poetic, intimate, subtle, restrained and with great sensitivity.

is at least as I went.

links here provides information page on CHARDIN PRADO MUSEUM 1699-1779 He is, as always, very complete, and it's worth spending some time.


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