Thursday, April 14, 2011

Side Effects From Vemma

interesting topics for BLOG: 5 Arts & Crafts (Octavio Ocampo / wheat chaff)

Art- the Latin ars - is a human cultural activity of a creative nature, expressing ideas and feelings through various resources. It is synonymous with ability, skill and talent.

Artist is he who produces a work of art. Among the visual arts-painting is create images through pigment- classifying an artistic genre painters, which is the subject specialization that characterizes it.

A notable example artist is the Mexican-born Celaya, Guanajuato in 1943 - Octavio Ocampo, a painter and sculptor known for his painting metamorphic, which plays with images, figures and independent life of its own, which eventually form a whole a new figure.

In its work, optical illusion based on the metamorphosis and ambiguity of images, masterfully juxtaposes the art of visual metamorphosis of different images into one, making a striking effect.

Fortunately for us, almost in the family had the opportunity to admire the exhibition "Metamorphic Centennial" at the Casino English in Mexico as stated in the photograph of the Artist Jaime mentioned.

Crafts artist-in- manus is a craft that gets similar products, but not identical, derived from a manual technique that produces goods individually creative. The craft is a compromise between design and art.

I encountered in Pasto, NariƱo Department, Republic of Colombia an attractive craft: the plated chaff to the decor of all kinds of wooden objects.

The chaff or straw is the product of threshing grain or lint follows from linen, cotton or wool. In San Juan de Pasto in southern Colombia using wheat straw subjected to heat-coloring process, getting different ranges, between the natural color of straw and dark brown.

Using a scalpel, the straw is partly along for thin plates with fragments of which the artisan creates intricate patterns and textures.

The bases on which are painted with aniline decorating and finishing catalyzed lacquers are used.

This traditional technique of ornamentation requires great patience, precision and delicacy of the fragile material


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